Poetic Justice pt. II: Olympia Jones

Olympia Jones, an inmate at Turley Correctional Center, performed two of her writings at Dwelling Spaces two weeks ago. Through a program at the jail, Olympia was allowed to leave for a few hours to perform her poems for the first time in a public setting. Olympia also has a job at Muddy Paws, a […]

White House announces FAFSA updates, College Scorecard

The US government recently announced the publication of a new government service known as College Scorecard. The scorecard contains searchable information about both public and private colleges throughout the US, and is free to use for everyone. The College Scorecard differs from current rating systems such as US News or The Princeton Review in that […]

Candidate Profile: Ben Carson

Ben Carson’s meteoric rise above other Republican candidates is, at the very least, rather surprising. So far, Carson has set himself apart the rest of the GOP in the primaries in two ways. The first being that Carson is not a career politician. Prior to his candidacy, Carson worked as a neurosurgeon for almost 30 […]

Raw Space: A vision for Tulsa

In 2003, the City of Tulsa approved a “Vision 2025” .6 percent sales tax which led to the creation of many projects, most notably the BOK Center. Now, the sales tax faces its looming completion, and Tulsa City Council has asked whether to renew this tax and what projects to support with it. Scott Phillips […]

TU adopts alcohol amnesty policy

Intending to increase safety, TU has adopted a new alcohol policy that provides academic amnesty to students who require medical attention in alcohol-related emergencies. This amnesty not only includes the person who is in need of medical attention, but it extends to individuals present who seek out medical attention on behalf of an intoxicated person. […]

Tulsa Raft Race mixes creativity and tradition

Thousands of Tulsans turned out this Labor Day to observe a spectacle that had not taken place in Tulsa for 21 years: Tulsa’s Great Raft Race, an event that had been a tradition through the 80s and 90s but was discontinued until this year. Funded and endorsed in its return primarily by Tulsa’s Young Professionals, […]

TU debate team to be revived after hiatus

After becoming fed up with the lack of a debate team at the university, three freshmen, Jason Jang, Brooke Becker, and Tristan Loveless, decided to form an intercollegiate debate team this year. “A lot of us debated in high school and really wanted to debate in college as well,” said founder, Tristan Loveless, “but the […]

SA grants charter to potential Beta Upsilon Chi chapter

During this last week’s Student Association meeting, the SOC presented a bill from several TU students. The bill requested a charter be granted for a potential chapter of Beta Upsilon Chi, otherwise known as BYX (pronounced Buck’s). BYX is a Christian fraternity that was founded at the University of Texas in 1985, and is to […]

Six candidates to run in special election

Oklahoma Senate District 34, which is located to the north and east of TU’s campus and includes Owasso and Collinsville, will have a special primary election on November 10. Filing for candidacy ended on September 2. Two Democrats and four Republicans are running. The seat was previously held by Republican Rick Brinkley. Brinkley, who was […]