TU economics professor analyzes Bernie Sanders Oklahoma victory

After Bernie Sanders won the Oklahoma primary, one TU professor set out to analyze the victory of the Democratic presidential hopeful. Scott Carter, an economics professor at TU, set out to diagram the county-by-county results for each candidate.. Using 27 columns and just under 1,850 rows, Carter’s document outlines the full election results per county. […]

“We The People” brings greater transparency to Sooner State

“We The People Oklahoma” is a state advocacy group. Though the group is based in Tulsa, they have a network of people in different towns and cities across the state. Their primary focuses are on the accountability and transparency of elected officials, as well as on informing Oklahoma residents about their rights and responsibilities. Marq […]

Forum encourages increasing voter engagement

Improving voter turnout in and around Tulsa was the theme of “Breaking Down Barriers,” Saturday’s voter engagement forum at Rudisill Library. The forum was hosted by the Voting is Power Coalition of Tulsa. The forum was introduced by Floretta Reed, an activist who marched in the early days of the movement to give African Americans […]

Okla. Libertarian Party to gain official inclusion

Monday, February 22nd, the Libertarian Party delivered more than 42,000 signatures to the Oklahoma State Election Board. Once these signatures are verified, the party will be officially recognized as a political party. This move will allow voters to register as members of the party and Libertarian candidates to run for office. The Libertarian party favors […]

Vic Regalado wins Republican Sheriff primary

During the presidential primaries on March 1, Republicans also had the opportunity to vote for a sheriff nominee. Since the Democrats only had one candidate, Rex Berry, there was no need for them to have a primary. The sheriff seat is open due to Stanley Glanz’s resignation on November 1. Out of 82,163 votes, Regaldo […]

Early Medicaid sign-up denied to Okla. prisoners

As a result of the Affordable Care Act, there have been a variety of changes to the Medicaid program as it is administered federally. Oklahoma, like several other states, has not adopted all changes allowed by the federal government. One of the changes would allow soon-to-be released inmates to sign up for Medicaid before their […]

Okla. juvenile detention centers lack rape prevention efforts

More than half of Oklahoma’s juvenile offenders are held in detention centers that aren’t required to comply with federal standards for preventing sexual assault proposed by the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). Oklahoma’s rates of sexual assault in juvenile detention centers are much higher than rates in many other states. A Department of Justice (DOJ) […]

TU junior to participate in 4kForCancer

Junior Justin Strathe will be busy this summer, but not with an internship or a job. Starthe will be biking over 4,000 miles in order to raise money, and awareness, for cancer. During an intense 70-day, nonstop journey from Baltimore to Portland, Justin, who will be representing TU, will ride with a team of twenty-three […]

Trey Barnett case updates

The University has responded to the allegations made by Trey Barnett in his lawsuit against the University of Tulsa. In the response, the University denies that Trey is a resident of Tulsa county. They also deny that Trey Barnett was a senior at the time that he was suspended. They go on to deny that […]

TU brings Bob Dylan archive to Tulsa

Exciting news came to TU and the Tulsa community at large with the recent announcement that the Bob Dylan archive would soon be taking permanent residence in the city. The archive, purchased by the George Kaiser Family Foundation in cooperation with the University of Tulsa, is currently being stored in the Helmerich Center for American […]