Quiz: Can you be the State-Run Editor?

27 April 2017
Sam Chott, Aspiring Onion writer

Take this fun quiz to figure out if you can be the State-Run Editor.

The State-Run Media’s guide to graduation

27 April 2017
Amy Cairns, 7th year senior

Not sure what to do at graduation? Amy Cairns gives you answers.

Alexander Graham Bell debates getting a new phone

27 April 2017
Sam Beckmann, Thinks the telegram is a pretty neat idea

Notable inventor Alexander Graham Bell asks your advice on getting a new phone.

Senior still doesn’t know where the library is

27 April 2017
Amy Cairns, Lives in the CIS Lab

Vivian Apisgo, a computer science senior, hasn’t experienced McFarlin Library.

Local woman upset man got most of the credit for creation of app

27 April 2017
Adam Lux, @LuxBux1995

Carly Santiago is upset that local genius David Bustleman is getting most of the credit for the newly released “Dave’s App.”

xDET comes to TU, shares ideas not worth sharing

27 April 2017
Sam Beckmann, Thinks TEDx is pretentious

Prestigious global organization xDET will provide a stage for students and faculty to present their pointless ideas.

Impressively, SA manages to make funding even harder

27 April 2017
Sam Beckmann, Tried to spend $1000 on entertainment

Student Association recently released new funding guidelines that modernize the process.

I tried to go off of Obamacare for a week and Obama beat me up

13 April 2017
Sam Chott, Running up a huge hospital bill

I tried to figure out if repealing Obamacare would be that bad by refusing to use my insurance for a week. It was harmful, because Barack Obama himself beat me up when I tried.

John Cena visits hospitalized children, against their wishes

13 April 2017
Amy Cairns, You can’t see her

John Cena continues to visit children with terminal illnesses long after the thrill of seeing John Cena has worn off.

Five North Korean beauty products that will blow you away

13 April 2017
Sam Chott, Oppressively moisturized

We know that South Korean beauty products are big, but have you seen these amazing products from the North?