I’m not compensating for the size of my dick, I swear

Interview with “truck bro” goes horribly wrong. This week in “Strange Strangers found on the Vegas Strip,” I found a college student who seemed to be a little to into polishing his truck. The following are his gushings about said truck, so strap in because you’re in for quite a ride. “Yo wassup my bromies, […]

Pssh, who said it was difficult to get students to come to RA events? graphic by Sarah Le

Resident Assistant bravely disposes of confiscated alcohol and you’re all invited!

“I gotta get rid of all this contraband somehow! Come help me out!” As an RA, one of my many magisterial duties to ensure my residents are keeping their rooms free of sin. On my room check rounds, I routinely purge dorms of toasters, 20.5-gallon fish tanks and other contraband. Despite the fact that I’m […]

Easily explain your Dionsyus costume by carrying around an ancient vase featuring him. courtesy Wikipedia

Last minute DIY costumes The Collegian: 15

Halloween’s just around the corner! Need an easy costume? Keep on reading! Everyone loves Do It Yourself pages on the internet, especially when it’s almost Halloween and it’s a scramble for some last minute costumes. The problem is, the writers of those DIY Halloween costume pages seem to think the average American is a MacGyver-level […]

Here are some spoopy horrorscopes for your pagan pleasure. Enjoy! Aries – Werewolf – Have a crazy ex-boyfriend who follows you everywhere? Try this simple solution! Become a werewolf. He won’t recognize you, and it’s a fun way to spice up your sex life because your new boyfriend is very much a furry, but didn’t […]

By the end of his life, super vegan Milo was eating an average of 6 lbs of plastic a day. graphic by Emma Palmer

My BF was a super vegan: a eulogy

“You died to save us from our sins, but I needed to save you instead.” This past weekend, I had to say goodbye to a dear friend of mine. Specifically, my recently deceased boyfriend. To honor his memory, I have decided to write this article. Firstly, Milo was a good man. He always put others […]

The remnants of that fateful night. photo by Emma Palmer

Beware Clancy and his hanged men

Intrepid super sleuths Anna Johns and Adam Walsh dive into a neo-gothic caper involving a university president, sidewalk chalk and several missing frat boys. Students and faculty alike are being baffled by a sudden influx of chalk drawings, characterized by their child-like penmanship and the lack of understanding of how a person normally reads — […]

Tulsa makes several top ten lists for drug use

It’s official! Tulsans really like their hard drugs. I know this looks bad, but I can explain. Tulsa is third in the nation for weed use, sixth in cocaine, sixth in heroin and seventh in meth use. Some critics, negative Nellies and naysayers claim that this is bad press. But this is where T-Town can […]

The candles are advertised to burn for eight semesters straight. graphic by Sarah Le

vTU to release building-themed candles

The University of Tulsa is rolling out new products that everyone will want on their holiday wishlist. Scents are simple yet potent things that can bring you back to a special moment in time. If you miss your hometown, chances are, there is a Homesick candle of some apple-cinnamon burgundy-leather amalgamation out there to remind […]