Goldie ready to trade in some suspicious meat to her favorite butcher, We Promise We Don’t Sell Cats. graphic by Conner Maggio

Where have all the cats gone?

Campus cats mysteriously vanish around Collins Hall. We might be nearing the end of spooky season, but don’t get too relaxed. Halloween is just around the corner, waiting to jumpscare the Snickers out of you. Unfortunately, tricks, treats and spoopy shenanigans aren’t the only things escalating in the runup to Halloween. According to Campus Security […]

Highlight reel from the VP’s visit to ORU

Mike Pence came to Tulsa to support Kevin Stitt and faced consequences from Oral Roberts himself With the 2018 midterm elections rapidly approaching, the campaign cycle whirlwind is in full force — endorsements, attack ads and rallies flying everywhere — and Oklahoma is no stranger to tornadoes: literal and political. If you didn’t attend or […]

The spookiest haunted house on campus

Skip Tulsa’s highly commercialized haunted house scene and experience true terror right here at TU. Psycho Path? Nah. The Hex House? Pssh. The Nightmare? Hell nah. Why settle for the cheap jumpscares and blood-soaked everything of those basic haunted houses when you can experience true terror? If you really want to be frightened, there is […]

Seven fast facts about the presidential alerts

Confused about this new presidential power? Look no further than our reliable list. 1. It set the record for largest mass ghosting. Our dear president was ghosted 225 million times in under 24 hours, barely squeaking by the former record held by a haunted mansion. No word yet on how POTUS will respond to the […]

A baby boomer poking holes in millennials’ condoms to uphold traditional marriage values. graphic by Conner Maggio

Millennials killing the institution of marriage

Old folks hate the youngins for ruining our country’s traditional marriage values. America is in grave danger. The pillars that uphold our righteous society are crumbling down around us. A dark change is blowing in the wind, ripping away all that we hold close to our hearts. Blink and the world around you will morph […]

GanDILF, a regular Bob Ross (no additional sexiness needed) and a sultry bear party it up for Halloween. graphic by Conner Maggio

Top 10 sexiest Halloween costumes

Here are a few Halloween costumes that are not irreverent or disrespectful in any way (and definitely not stupid). 1. Sexy Gandalf — Three words: Just. The. Beard. You’ll be covered by a gray mane of magical follicle-produced hair that should cover up all the necessities. You shall not pass as a party pooper with […]