A tale of two TEDs: Cruz gives talk

13 April 2015
Abigail LaBounty, Paint Thinner Sommelier

Ted Cruz gave a TEDx talk earlier this week, highlighting exactly how easy it is to land one of those things.

Top Ten Summer Activities

13 April 2015
Fraser Kastner, Summer Fun Specialist

Finals are coming up, which can only mean that summer is just around the corner. Here is a list of the top ten State-Run Media approved fun summer activities.

Starbucks launches “Racists Together”

6 April 2015
Fraser Kastner, Hates the Irish

After the failed “Race Together” campaign, Starbucks has decided to make its customers even more uncomfortable.

Improve the State-Run Media (like that’s even possible)

6 April 2015

Readers: In the interest of promoting democratic participation in the State-Run Media, we’ve decided to invite constructive criticism. Below are some responses.

Animatronic dinosaurs a bad idea

30 March 2015
Abigail LaBounty, Many Titles

According to some amateur robot dinosaur experts, the beasts have the potential to rebel against their human masters and colonize the moon before humanity.

No Place for Racism in All White Fraternity

10 March 2015
Conor Fellin,

Gabriel Garcia Marquez covers lunch at TU, sees some shit

9 March 2015
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Mysterious Man

We asked Gabriel Garcia Marqez to follow Managing Editor Conor Fellin around in ACAC for an hour and report on what he saw. Let’s just say Marquez took some serious liberties.

Van Lux takes impressionism to new heights

9 March 2015
Adam Lux, No Relation

Vinny Van Lux, a new artistic genius, is sweeping the TU art community with his newest and onlyest work, an MS Paint rendition of “Starry Night,” by Van Gogh.

Men’s Rights Activist crafts masculine response to Vagina Monologues

2 March 2015
Abigail LaBounty, Some Girl

Gregory Hawthorne has created his very own response to the famous feminist play, all in the three days since the Vagina Monologues showed on Friday.

Human Sexuality class much less exciting than you would think

2 March 2015
Fraser Kastner, Disappointment Correspondent

SOC 2125 is one of several courses that has a high drop rate, probably for different reasons than others do.