Local Internet activist to receive Nobel Peace Prize

Not all good deeds go unpunished. Jim Nobell, a local resident and prominent online activist, has recently been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts towards thousands of causes. The State Run Media was granted an interview at his activist headquarters. Nobell explained how “everyday I get up excited to change the world so […]

Letter from the propagandist

Hey there everybody. It’s me, the Head Propagandist here at The State-Run Media. Now, I know what you’re all thinking — “What’s the situation with those guys who made you kill the former editor?” Well. Let me stop you right there. Don’t follow that thought with, “Weren’t you going to find them?” And certainly don’t […]

Oklahoma’s mother finds state’s failing report card

Oklahoma spends a lot of money and time on incarceration and road work, but one thing that could definitely use some of that attention is education. With last week’s Impact Tulsa report shedding light on Oklahoma’s failing educational system, the state is having a hard time ignoring the problem. “I just can’t believe they would […]

Haven II: Does it live up to the anticipation?

The latest addition to online entertainment came out in the last two weeks, and it’s one which many hope—and some already believe—will raise the standard not only for its genre, but the medium as a whole. This medium is online surveys, and the title? “Haven II.” Those familiar with the likes of classics such as […]

Roommates becoming like bored married couple

The formerly blossoming roommate relationship of Josephine Tobey and Brenna McKernan is currently on the rocks. “When she comes home, she just goes straight to her computer, sits down, and stays there for the rest of the night. No ‘Hi, Josephine.’ No ‘How was your day, Josephine?’ It’s like I don’t even exist,” grumbled freshman […]

Student goes entire weekend not knowing Tulsa Timer’s name

The university opened up for high school students last weekend in a biannual event called “Tulsa Time.” During this event high school students, called “Tulsa Timers,” shadow a current TU student with whom it is assumed they will form a bond. The State-Run Media spoke with one student, freshman John Piazza, who just said goodbye […]

Communal drinking fountain discoved near Hardesty

At the beginning of this school year, the entire student body was excited for the new residence hall, Hardesty. But the obvious main event was the completion of the million dollar fountain that was built as the centerpiece of the courtyard in the middle of Hardesty Hall. The masterpiece comes with flashing lights, different ways […]

Hypnotist visits university, school spirit up 60 percent

On Sunday, October 18, a professional hypnotist was hired by the University of Tulsa administration to perform at the beginning of Homecoming week so that the students would get excited for the other events of the week. When Jack Woodworth, a junior petroleum engineering major, was asked about his experience at the hypnotist show, he […]

Anthropology student finds skeleton inside herself

In an event that authorities can only describe as “creepy,” last Friday Jane Doe, a Junior majoring in anthropology, was found to have a skeleton hiding inside her body. According to reports, Ms. Doe was visiting a nearby health clinic for a routine check-up when her doctor, on a whim, decided to take an x-ray. […]