Bevin drags feet before admitting he lost Kentucky race

The governor conceded nine days later in a blow for the GOP and the president. On Nov. 14, incumbent Kentucky governor Matt Bevin finally conceded the Kentucky governor’s race. This is a full nine days after his opponent Andy Beshear claimed victory on election night. Why the difference? Bevin was not willing to admit defeat […]

Success of IS raid likely to boost morale of Trump supporters

The president’s use of “dog” as an insult has drawn the attention of many. On Saturday Oct. 26 a raid conducted between the United States and Kurdish intelligence resulted in the death of ISIS leader and founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The raid was conducted at al-Baghdadi’s compound in Northern Syria. Trump quickly made the announcement […]

“OK boomer” follows horseshoe theory

Millennials and boomers mock each other in similar ways. Watching arguments between these two generations is kind of like watching Instagram influencers flock to Chernobyl ⁠—they’re both rife with cancer. All this has happened before, and all this will happen again. From Hesiod’s “Ages of Man” and the deterioration seen there to the Biblical Fall […]

Wilco formed in 1994 and has been releasing music since, cultivating a familiar and comfortable performance style. courtesy Annabel Mehran/Pitch Perfect PR

Wilco concert demonstrates practiced musicianship

Wilco and Molly Sarles performed “Ode to Joy” tour at Cain’s Ballroom to long-time fans. Cain’s Ballroom hosted a different kind of concert than one I’ve ever been to on Tuesday evening. Wilco, with opener Molly Sarles, brought a completely unique sound and energy to Tulsa’s historic concert hall that permeated the entire city while […]

MLB balls bad for biz?

Student writer Zach Short covers the alleged lack of bounce in the baseballs being used for the playoffs. If you think that the baseball postseason, in a sport already notorious for being slow, has been extra boring this year, you are not the only one. Players and coaches all across the league have been expressing […]

Failing resolutions can be caused by a lack of patience. graphic by Conner Maggio

New Years resolutions hinge on setting realistic goals

Trying to be a new you during the new year can be frustrating, with slowly-progressing goals and unrealistic standards. Well, it’s the New Year again, which means many people, including myself, have embarked upon ambitious resolutions. It is routine at the beginning of a year for people to decide to change areas of their lives […]

graphic by Madeline Woods

Magnifying TU

I am a student journalist at the University of Tulsa. I have been for four years. As I near graduation, I realize I have spent four years of my life reporting on this school while knowing basically nothing about how it operates. The powerful institutions that govern our lives ought to be transparent and open […]

Game theory is a strategic way of handling all of life’s situations, including dating scenarios. Graphic by Conner Maggio

Game Theory a valuable life experience

A course in Game Theory teaches students the science of strategic interaction and changes their perspectives on the world. Did you know that if you and a partner are caught robbing a bank and the police take you in for questioning, you’re both better off saying nothing, even though the advertised penalty for not ratting […]