New couple Bill and Lucinda bring life to an otherwise dead event on their date. graphic by Conner Maggio

Cheap dates for cheapskates

Never worry about money again with these hot date ideas.

Stuck in a rut with bae? Wanting to impress that cutie in your intro class? Get the biggest bang for your buck with State-Run’s best date ideas on and around campus.

Bring your date along for your required community service: Show off your love of the environment by mandatorily picking up trash on the side of the road. If you find any food, feel free to show your spontaneous side and throw an impromptu picnic!

Take your girl out to a decadent meal at the Caf: What’s better than free food? Free food at the Caf.

Sit in on a lecture in Kep: Keep the chemistry alive and listen in on an organic chemistry lecture. Understand nothing? Even better. People love it when you make them feel stupid.

Play the silent game: What is more romantic than lovingly staring into each other’s eyes for three hours?

Take a stroll around campus: Admire the lovely construction scenery as you search for a sidewalk that is still usable to walk along.

Visit the Center of the Universe: Impress your date with your knowledge that Tulsa is secretly the most important place in the universe, and therefore, the center of the universe is in fact here. Spend a few hours standing in a tiny circular spot downtown, just listening to your own voice.

Watch a football game: Win the heart of your date by watching our winning team.

Window shop at Utica Square: Remind your date of how poor you are by buying nothing at the most expensive shopping center in Tulsa.

Participate in a psychology experiment: Why wait to find out their deep psychological issues when you can learn them on day one?

FaceTime your parents: Show how committed you are to this new relationship by introducing them to your parents early on.

Double date with your ex: Spare the awkwardness of inevitably running into your ex in public by planning a double date with them! This way, you can plan to put on your waterproof mascara and remember to pack the Xanax.

Plan your future wedding: Set their standards high now by planning an elaborate wedding. Three carat diamond ring? Sure. Riding in on a white steed? Of course. A wedding on top of the Eiffel Tower? Why not.
Crash a random funeral: Nothing turns a girl on more than the sense of impending death.

Post Author: Madison Connell