Clancy halts immigration from St. Louis

TU’s new Commander-in-Chief took a strong stance against President Trump’s executive order banning immigrants from certain countries and all refugees. On January 29, Dr. Clancy sent out a school-wide email stating that “we stand together as one family, respectful, united and strong.”

Despite his apparent disapproval of Trump’s actions, it seems that Clancy has taken a page out of Trump’s book. On January 30, administration sent out another school-wide email stating “By executive order of President Clancy, all admissions of students from the greater St. Louis area will stop immediately.”

Campus plunged into chaos over the next few days. Many of the students from St. Louis went into hiding out of fear of being deported. Plans to visit family and friends back in the Lou were canceled. Dr. Theodore McCart of the law department was finally able to convince Clancy to let students currently in transit from St. Louis to Tulsa be allowed back on campus.

The State-Run Media was able to secure a brief interview with President Clancy. When asked what triggered the ban, Clancy responded, “It’s just like, people from St. Louis are so annoying. All they talk about is their dumb pizza or ask what high school each other went to and then laugh at some joke nobody else understands.”

This reporter admires the bravery of President Clancy to tell it like it is. St. Louis is sending droves of their people down I-44. And while some of them I assume are good people, there are a lot of bad hombres in the bunch.

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