Club spotlight: TU Geo Club

Get to know the TU Geo Club through an interview with their president!

An interview with the president of the TU Geo Club, Beau Crockett

What happens in the Geo club?
“We hold monthly meetings where a club member will give a presentation on something geoscience related, and host events focused on the geosciences and getting out in the field. We also recently finished a geology display in the Keplinger lower atrium.”

What is the main purpose of the Geo Club?
“ It is an organization for those interested in the geosciences to meet others with similar interests and learn more about geology and related topics.”

How can students get involved with the Geo Club?
“The easiest way would be to email me at and I can help get you added to our GroupMe and email list. After that, show up to our meetings and events and have fun!”

When and how often does the Geo Club meet?
“We meet once a month. The exact time changes each semester, but this semester we are meeting on Thursdays at 12:30 in Kep M230.”

What events/opportunities does the club offer?
“In the fall we have a picnic, field collecting trip where we go collect fossils or mineral specimens, an end-of-semester tea party, and other events. In the spring we have a field trip guided by a professional geologist, a trivia / game night, and a float trip!”

Any Geo Club events coming up soon?
“Our Geo Photo competition is coming up soon. This is a competitive event open ot the whole campus, not just the Geo Club, where you can submit photos in four geo-related categories to potentially win prizes. The event isn’t until April, but we encourage people to start looking for photo opportunities whenever they can!”

What do students need to get started with the Geo Club?
“Just an interest in the geosciences!”

Why do you think someone should join the Geo Club?
“Anyone with an interest in rocks, minerals, paleontology, meteorology, astronomy, or the environment would be a great fit for Geo Club, as we discuss all of these topics and more. Geo Club is the best opportunity on campus for anyone interested in any aspects of the geosciences. If you like dinosaurs or crystals or astronomy, Geo Club provides an environment to share and discuss those interests. The Geosciences are some of the most important sciences to our modern world and throughout history, so even if you may not have an interest now, it could never hurt to learn a thing or two for the futures.”

Do Geo Club members assist the geosciences faculty with research and projects?
“Geo Club and the Geosciences Department work very hand-in-hand throughout the year. The new geology case in Keplinger was a joint event between Geo Club and the Geosciences Department. The Geo Club also has a semesterly picnic with both the geoscience faculty and the Geoscience Alumni Advisory Board, which is a great opportunity to meet some people from TU that are working professionally.”

Who can students contact with questions about the Geo Club?
“ I would probably be the best source to answer any questions people may have, email me at”

Who are the other exec members?
“Paloma Probert is our vice president, and Cailin Stauffer is our secretary/treasurer.”

Where can you be found on campus and online?
“On campus, we are associated with the Geoscience Department and our student and faculty members are often in Keplinger. Online you can follow our Insta @ geoclub.tu.”

Post Author: Mary Lickona