College dorm essentials you definitely need

The dorm essentials you didn’t know you needed.

As a freshman it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what exactly you need in your new dorm. Most people know to bring the basics such as a shower caddy, mini fridge, etc. But what about the things you only discover you need later on into your dorm life? Here are some dorm essentials that you might have forgotten:

Mattress pad
This is an absolute essential for dorm life as quality sleep is a vital part of your success. A nice mattress pad will be your best weapon against old beds and squeaky springs! This is also something I recommend splurging on, it is absolutely worth every penny to guarantee a good night’s rest before a busy day of classes.

Portable steamer
A small steamer will be a lifesaver when you need to make those day old clothes look good as new, and will only set you back about $20. Especially farther into your college experience when you have interviews or internships to attend, this is a portable and convenient way to make yourself look put together in just a few minutes.

A water filter
The quality of the water you consume is important, and on a campus where students are constantly getting sick, having a filter that cleans your water as much as possible will be vital. You can keep a filtered water pitcher in your dorm, or if you are on the go you can use a filtered water bottle, which is a great way to keep yourself hydrated no matter where you are!

Over the door mirror
With the limited space in a dorm, finding creative uses of that space is a must. You need a way to check out your look for the day that won’t take up too much wall space. An over the door hanging mirror is perfect!

Additional storage areas
The drawers and dressers in your dorm are not likely to be enough storage for all of your things. This is especially true as the semester continues and you begin to collect free shirts and swag. That is why you need additional places to store your belongings. There are plenty of options to keep your room clutter free: a storage ottoman, wall shelves or boxes to store things under your bed. Keep in mind, these items should be relatively small and easy to tuck away.

In a dorm you are always surrounded by people. You never know who could get you sick. It might be the stranger you rode up in the elevator with or your own roommate. Either way, you need medicine. You should keep ibuprofen for the headaches you will probably get from staring at your screen for too long as well as DayQuil and NyQuil to ward off the mysterious cold you are bound to come down with.

Extension cords/power boxes
In a dorm, there are never enough outlets. The few you do have are in very awkward places that make charging your devices a massive pain. I recommend bringing a few extension cords and power strips. I also recommend buying all of your chargers with extra long cords for added convenience.

Stain treater
If you are anything like me, you tend to stain any outfit you wear. In a dorm with limited space, keeping your supplies to a minimum is a must, which is also why those products should be simple and effective. To get any stains out I recommend using Spray ‘n Wash, or any other sprayable stain treatments that are bleach free and color safe. Tide pens are also useful to have on the go for stain removal.

Post Author: Aurora Stewart