Death Cab for Cutie plays sold-out show at Cain’s Ballroom

After having to cancel their Tulsa concert last year, the band made up for it this past week.

Death Cab for Cutie brought their Asphalt Meadows tour to Tulsa this past week with a sold-out show at Cain’s Ballroom. The night began with Momma, the opener of the tour, who recently released their third studio album “Household Name” last year. Reminiscent of the Breeders and Smashing Pumpkins, the band’s magnetic and dynamic performance won over the audience before the first song even finished. Unfortunately, the band’s set was cut short as a man collapsed during the set — he later rejoined the concert after getting checked out by the medical team.

Death Cab for Cutie later took the stage to thunderous applause before breaking into “I Don’t Know How I Survive.” Ben Gibbard (lead singer) played each and every song with a wistful intensity that reached a climax when the band played “I Will Follow You into the Dark.” Gibbard went on a tangent during the song, saying that he hated it when bands ask for the crowd to sing the song instead of the band, but he then went on to say experiencing it from the stage is one of the most beautiful experiences. He asked the audience to sing the chorus back to him, and, in trade, would sing an extra chorus so he would be “even Steven.”

The band ended the concert with a four song encore much to the delight of the audience.

Post Author: Madison Walters