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Destination Tulsa: Triangle Coffee

Tulsa has so many coffee shops, it can feel somewhat overwhelming with one on almost every block downtown. But that is one of my favorite things about our city, and one of my favorite coffee shops resides in the historic Triangle building for which it got its namesake. It is located at 315 Cincinnati, within walking distance from the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. There is a large sign on the side of the building that greets you with the painted word “COFFEE” and an arrow directing you to enter the door ahead.

The space is airy with large windows looking out onto the street to see people and passing cars. A large exposed brick wall subtly gives the shop warmth and a cozy feel as it sits right behind the bar where the baristas are diligently working. There’s a decent amount of seating for such a small shop, and a wonderful kitchen that serves great food. The kitchen offers vegan options, and the pastries are often gluten free. As a vegetarian, I am always more keen to liking an establishment knowing they cater to mine and other special diets. On one wall, there sits large canvases that regularly are switched out to feature new local art with many small tables where people are often found on their laptops or catching up with an old friend. Open from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. most days, it’s a great place to grab a cup of coffee before diving into classes.

The coffee itself is wonderful. Diehard coffee fans will know the name Onyx Coffee, which is what Triangle uses to brew. For the more casual drinker, they offer a wide menu with coffee shop classics such as the latte or cappuccino, but they also have a wide variety of signatures and seasonal drinks. The baristas are well trained and obviously passionate about what they do. They are always ready to talk about coffee and answer any questions a customer may have. When I go to Triangle, I usually enjoy an americano at the bar facing the windows, spending my time studying, reading or people watching.

While I haven’t been to Triangle in very long because of the pandemic, it is still one of my favorite spots in Tulsa. It is cozy and tucked away, almost like a hidden gem. When things are slow, it feels like a secret place all to myself. When things are busy, it is an inviting space full of life and laughter. I find myself more fond of the quiet, lazy days where I sit with my laptop open with a blank document staring at me, and I am daydreaming in the window with the sunbeams hitting my face, feeling present as I sip my cup of coffee. If you’re looking for a new place to explore, spend a day studying and sipping coffee downtown.

Post Author: Caroline Cox