Disc golf club finds early success

This semester, a disc golf club, The Golden Aces, has been formed on campus. Thus far, the club meetings have been informal, organized through a Facebook group. There are small tournaments around the city of Tulsa on every weeknight, and the club has attended some of those when possible.

The club recently held a small tournament called Parked Discs and Pumpkin Pie which had 12 participants and was held at the Riverside disc golf course. The tournament was a doubles scramble style tournament, where the best shot of the two teammates was taken from each point, and they each threw from that point for the next throw. For this tournament, new players were paired with beginning players. Club founder Larry Hoerr and new player Joe Moran were the victors of the tournament, winning a pumpkin pie and a small trophy.

Hoerr and fellow member Andrew Lackey also participated in the Oklahoma Open tournament, winning the amateur doubles B division.

A future event in planning for the club is a tournament with a theme based on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

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