Don’t just send signals: Not everybody knows Morse Code

People can be hard to read. Body language, nonverbal cues — so much goes into dating and social interactions. Sometimes it’s hard to send the right signals. Here’s a tip: stop using Morse Code.

So you’ve found your special someone, your certified cutie, but what do you do now? Do you ask them out? Do you play hard to get? Do you pull out your flashlight and blink out a message to them? You want them to know you’re interested, but you don’t want to scare them off.

The key to a successful date is finding the balance between forward, but not creepy. But how do you find that balance? Relax, it’s not hard: just be yourself! Just walk up and talk to them. Speak with your whole face, smile and make eye contact — the little things are important. You have to use your words to speak to them though, you can’t just blink until they interpret your message.

One important thing to remember is that every part of you sends a message. From your face to your clothes, everything matters. To avoid sending mixed signals, you need to make sure you dress the part, and that no other noise is interfering with your transmission. Do you look like you made an effort? Are your clothes too sloppy or revealing? Do you look like you just teleported here from the early 1900s? All of these are important questions to consider when thinking about the message you’re portraying.

Once you’ve gotten your first date or two in, the most important factor becomes communication. Any relationship can be a success given proper communication. When you’re feeling down, you need to share with your partner. If you have trouble talking things out, sometimes it help to jot down your thoughts before starting the talk. Just take out a — no, put your telegraph away. No one understands what you’re trying to say. Let it go, man. It’s a thing of the past. Leave it alone.

Everyone’s body language comes across differently, so be sure to consider who you’re working with before making a final judgement. What could an awkward twitch could actually be a love letter in a language you just don’t understand.

And just remember, though it may be efficient, love is not measured in characters-per-minute.

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