Electronic transcripts

Electronic transcripts can be required by various graduate schools or internship opportunities during your college career, but unfortunately, at the University of Tulsa, those requests have so far been impossible to satisfy. Instead, students are required to send them physically, which can result in a slower receiving time.

By next fall, the University of Tulsa hopes to have electronic transcripts available for students’ use. Chris Farwell, the Associate CIO and Chief Applications Officer, said the project will be started after the IT department finishes another project near the end of March. Then, they will begin to further look into eTranscripts and have them fully ready by fall 2018.

Ginna Langston, the Registrar, said her office had requested electronic transcripts for about eight years. Farwell said at that time, several prerequisite projects needed to occur before they could implement eTranscripts. Several years later, those prereqs have been met. When electronic transcripts are available, the Registrar’s office will use the National Student Clearinghouse to send the transcripts. The office is ready for the new form of transcripts immediately as they become available.

Post Author: Michaela Flonard