While many have praised the Suez Canal for speaking its truth, others do not believe the ship has learned the consequences of its actions. graphic by Anna Johns

Ever Given releases apology video for being stuck in the Suez Canal

On Wednesday, disaster in the world of international trading struck: one of the largest container ships in the world (and therefore one of the most popular container ships) was grounded in the Suez Canal, causing a huge jam of trading vessels. At the time of writing, the reported monetary damage is $55 billion.

Understandably, the Suez Canal has received some criticisms for this hit. Its Instagram and Youtube followers have plummeted dramatically, and #evergivenisoverparty has been trending on Twitter since the news broke. For days, the ship has been silent, and this inactivity has prompted commentary from the wider audience.

The issue of body shaming had been particularly prevalent. While there are plenty of tweets and headlines ran about the ridiculously huge and juicy ass of the ship, others are calling the Ever Given a beacon for body positivity.

“This is what happens when you don’t hit the gym #bigass #getouttahere!” wrote a Twitter user.

“friendly reminder that ships can have asses too and they are beautiful and lovely and do not need to be penetrated by the stigmatizing gaze of male validation,” wrote another account.

For some, the issue was never about the size of the ship or the major economic damage it has caused but instead the problematic history of the Suez Canal. By using this trade route, critics argue the Ever Given has directly supported — and received benefits from — the French occupation of Egypt and the several cruelties inflicted upon Egyptians during its construction.

Today, the Ever Given released an apology video, aptly titled, “BREAKING MY SILENCE.”

The video began with the Ever Given mid-sob. “Hi, guys. Making this video has been so hard. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.” The three-year-old cargo ship stopped, perhaps to catch its thoughts.

“It hurts me so bad to disappoint you all who have supported me for many years,” the Ever Given whimpered. “You guys don’t deserve that.”

The Ever Given admitted to its participation in the global capitalist economy, but it asked for forgiveness due to its self-proclaimed “ignorance to this sick, disgusting situation” that “in no way aligns with my moral views.” The vessel had noticeable wet tracks streaming down its long, green hull as it claimed to have changed “so much as a cargo ship in the past three years.”

In addition, The Ever Given resolved to take some time off from trading and the economy, realizing its status as a role model that needs to “help take down the toxicity of global trading community.”
While the vessel is still noticeably stuck in the Suez Canal, it promised to take the time to educate itself better on the history of colonization and imperialism and hopes that everyone can forgive them.

“Nowadays, I’m really about peace and forgiveness,” the Ever Given said. “I’m just so sorry for blocking global trade. I hope you can forgive me just as much as I’ve forgiven myself.”

Post Author: Anna Johns