Expansion in the American?

If you follow American Athletic Conference moves you are probably aware of the rumors circulating about Wichita State joining the conference as a non-football member. A move from Wichita State, the top basketball program in the Missouri Valley Conference, would be good for both the American and the Shockers.

The Shockers are consistently undervalued as a basketball team because they play in a weaker conference. The MVC is not known as a basketball power, especially after the loss of Creighton to the Big East, and because of this even when the Shockers finish 30–4 in the regular season and won their conference tournament, they were given a 10 seed in the NCAA tournament. They have proved in the past that they are much better than their seed indicates. Joining the American would bolster their strength of schedule, increase their athletics program profile and increase their public perception.

The American would bring a strong basketball program into the fold which would bring more revenue and make them a stronger basketball program. The end goal of the American is to become a power conference, and adding stronger programs is the way it will happen.

Nothing will happen until after new champion is determined on Monday (Go Zags!), but a decision could take place in the next month with the Shockers joining for the 2017/2018 season.

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