Eye on the World 1/27/20

Chinese coronavirus spreads across the world

Following the widening outbreak of the coronavirus, the Chinese government has officially issued a quarantine order for the city of Wuhan, planning to cut off all transportation to and from the city. This response comes with an increase of global attention as the virus has been responsible for 56 deaths and affected nearly 2,000 others. Leaders in the global community have criticized Chinese officials for not properly reporting the spread of the virus by only disclosing a limited number of actual cases.

Currently, China is seeking to swiftly improve healthcare infrastructure in certain regions in order to better combat the spread of the disease. Efforts to build new hospitals and bring in new healthcare workers have been widespread, as the implications for the uncontested infection begin to worsen.

With this newly announced quarantine, officials in China are beginning to take the outbreak more seriously as the spread of disease has worsened. Five other countries — including three cases in the United States — have reported confirmed cases. Beginning in the next few weeks, the global community is expected to take more measures to combat the spread of the virus.

Riots in Puerto Rico following natural disasters

On Jan. 20, citizens in Puerto Rico took to the streets, following the unearthing of millions of units of disaster aid supplies, hidden and unused from Hurricane Maria relief efforts. Puerto Rico is in the immediate aftermath of a devastating earthquake, further exacerbating the outrage at this mismanagement. The political situation in Puerto Rico has been tumultuous following the string of natural disasters that has drastically increased the need for relief on the island.

Just six months ago, Governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rosselló was forced to resign following allegations of corruption and cronyism involving himself and his cabinet. As the public reacts to this new evidence of negligence, it is possible that yet another massive shakeup could occur in the ranks of Puerto Rico’s government.

US troops suffer brain damage from Iran strike

Though Iran’s retaliation against the United States for the killing of Qassim Suleimani did not result in any American casualties, the Pentagon has now reported that 34 service members sustained brain injuries as a result of the missile strike. When asked about the injuries on Wednesday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, President Trump stated, “I heard they had headaches and a couple of other things … and I can report it is not very serious.”

That downplaying of the injuries came before the Pentagon announced the number of brain injuries sustained, and they have yet to confirm the extent of those injuries. However, they did announce that half of the service members still remain under medical observation.