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IPT rules against British spy agency

The British spy agency Government Communications Headquarters was censured for not revealing enough about how it shared information with the United States National Security Agency. The Investigatory Power Tribunal said that until December of last year, GCHQ contravened the law, but has since been compliant. This is the IPT’s first ruling against the cyber surveillance agency.

Jordan retaliates after ISIS burns pilot alive

Jordan executed two terror convicts following Islamic State’s execution of Jordanian F-16 pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh. Failed suicide bomber Sajida al-Rishawi and al-Qaeda fighter Ziyad Karboli were hanged hours after IS posted a video appearing to show the pilot being burned alive. Jordan has vowed an “earth shattering” revenge for the pilot’s death.

Indian school finds gold, rupees in unused lockers

A locker-cleaning operation at a school in Ahmedabad turned up 2.1kg (4.6 lb) of gold bars and 10 million rupees ($161,000) in cash. Staff were cleaning unused lockers and had just broken into five of them when they found the treasure. There is no record of who used those lockers.

Africa sees an upsurge in Ebola cases

The World Health Organization has said that the number of new Ebola cases has gone up in the last week of January. Although Ebola cases are going down, “we really have to be vigilant because there are still pockets of infection,” said David Nabarro, the United Nations Special Envoy on Ebola. The United States is reportedly seeking to end its military mission to fight the virus.

Parents of US hostage hope she is alive in Syria

The parents of an American held hostage by the Islamic State are hopeful that she is still alive. Kayla Jean Mueller, an aid worker, was captured in Aleppo in 2013. “We have sent you a private message and ask that you respond to us privately. You told us that you treated Kayla as your guest, as your guest her safety and wellbeing remains your responsibility,” said her parents. IS had previously claimed that Ms. Mueller was killed by Jordanian air strikes on February 5. However, IS has offered no proof of her death, and both Jordanian and American officials have dismissed the report.

Authorities crack down on novelty tissues in China

Chinese authorities seized $12,900 worth of novelty tissues intended for sale in Hong Kong. The toilet paper rolls and facial tissue packets bore mocking images of Hong Kong chief executive CY Leung. The embattled pro-Beijing head of the HK government is frequently depicted in a derogatory way. Last year, Hong Kong was beset by protests demanding democratic reform, but Mr. Leung successfully resisted the protesters’ demands.

An artist’s rendition of the CY Leung novelty tissues.

An artist’s rendition of the CY Leung novelty tissues.

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