Farewell letter: Jeana Brewer

I have not worked at The Collegian for very long. It was only because of Shelby Hiens, our Editor-in-Chief, that I joined. I remember sitting in the Union as she gave her speech as to why I should join The Collegian as the new Commentary Editor, and honestly as a broke college student I was sold the minute she said it paid more than writing articles. At this point, I had already written a couple of articles for the paper, but after joining I went on to write even more.

Being the Commentary Editor has not been all rainbows and sunshine. I spent several early mornings in the office working on layout and editing articles. I am so grateful for my coworkers’ patience with me as they all answered my 50,000 questions, and worked to alleviate my worries as a new editor. Even though I have only worked in this office for one semester I have learned so much from those around me and gained so many wonderful memories. This job gave me a voice on The University of Tulsa campus. It allowed me to write about topics I felt passionate about along with starting a fun robot-themed comic. Because of this, I was able to meet and work with some truly amazing and passionate student writers.

With all of this being said, I cannot think of a place I would have rather spent my Sundays. This newspaper-riddled office holds so many extraordinary students that I have had the honor of working with this semester. To my fellow editors, thank you for taking the time to guide me as I learned how to be an editor. I am grateful for the moments of laughter and tears we shared during those lengthy Sunday work days.

Post Author: Jeana Brewer