Farewell letter: Peighton Johnson

As the end of my final semester at The University of Tulsa creeps up, I am realizing how truly odd it is to be writing a farewell letter for The Collegian. For three years, I resisted the peer pressure to join the student newspaper, if only for the sake of the joke. Well everybody, they finally got to me. They hooked me with the distribution job offer, and kept me around to write a few articles. Having had quite the college experience, I have plenty of people from TU to thank.

To begin, I would like to thank my friends. Having a good friend or two on campus can really make or break the college experience. I am nothing if not a compilation of all those who love me. Thank you so much for your companionship.

Thank you to Ray Timson and Steve Denton for being the best bosses a resident assistant could ask for. Your mentorship has had an immense impact on who I am as a person. You have made me a better resident assistant, a better student, and a better human.

Thank you to Matt Ingram for befriending a chatty student. I have valued our many conversations, and I deeply appreciate the work you have done for your students and your country.

Thank you to all of my residents over the past three years. You all have given me a purpose at this school outside of simply getting a degree, and I am forever grateful for the experiences you have gifted me.

Thank you to Gail Algeo for giving me the inspiration to dance again.

Thank you to Michael Mosher for teaching me politics many times over the years, being my senior thesis advisor, and being such an entertaining conversationalist.

Thank you to Brad Carson for teaching my favorite class I have ever taken and being an inspiration to those around you, including myself.

Thank you to The Collegian for giving me the opportunity to drive a golf cart around campus each week like a madwoman (I have yet to hit any pedestrians or light poles). Working alongside this year’s staff has been an absolute blast. If you’re thinking of joining The Collegian, seriously, do it. You will not regret it.

Finally, thank you University of Tulsa for providing me with my education, and with the best and worst times of my life thus far. Reign Cane forever.

Signing off, and for the final time, Peighton Johnson.

Post Author: Peighton Johnson