Farewell letter: Zach Short

It has been an absolute blast working with this paper, and I am appreciative of all the people that came together to make it possible. None of what we have made this year could have happened without our dedicated staff, each and every one of our writers and all those who gave interviews and tipped us off to developing stories. I cannot hardly believe that I have spent four years in and out of this office; from just writing to sports editor to managing editor to editor-in-chief, I have passed the better part of my undergraduate experience trying to meet publication deadlines.

About halfway through this semester I realized I would never finish everything I hoped to accomplish before leaving The Collegian. I have articles I wish I had written, stories I should have followed and updates to the office and to publication I wanted to implement. It was about a week ago I realized I would have to be okay with that. I and everyone else on staff did what we could, and now it is someone else’s turn. I had to realize I was never going to feel done with the job because to do so goes against the nature of the office. Next year’s staff gets to hold the keys now, and I wish them the absolute best of luck. I have loved it here, and I hope they do too.

Post Author: Zach Short