The Collegian staff in our office in Oliphant Hall Room 110. photo by Raven Fawcett


To our writers and readers alike,

You’ve made this paper richer for your contributions and feedback. The tips you’ve sent us over emails and texts and the story ideas that improved our layouts and designs were an invaluable part of making this paper what it is today.

The graduating seniors of the editorial staff encourage all of you to join the Collegian family, whether as a writer, photographer or by taking one of our open staff positions (like distribution manager!) next year.

Whatever you do, please continue to seek the truth in everything you do, to fact-check the world around you and to always be curious and tenacious in the pursuit of knowledge. Small steps like these are how we improve our world and our community. Thank you for joining us in our endeavor to bring your stories and the things you love to light and to call attention to the things that need to be changed.

To better tomorrows,
Justin Guglielmetti, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus
Raven Fawcett, Managing Editor Emeritus

Post Author: Justin Guglielmetti