Finally, only six percent of people still trust the media

In a recent survey by the American Press Institute, only six percent of people have “a great deal of confidence” in the media. This continues a happy trend over the past ten years, as American trust in the media has steadily decreased.

At the State-Run Media, we take pride in every reader convinced this whole “News” thing is just a sham and the only real people to trust are politicians. There’s a fundamental conflict of interest if the people who tell you about what’s going on in the world are the ones who get paid to tell you. We’re incredibly pleased to see a more critically-thinking and self-aware public reject the standard media narrative and instead believe whatever the hell they want.

A number of factors have led to this continued decrease in trust in the media, most of which is related to the recent presidential election. Presidential elections represent an important time for those wishing to educate the public about the untrustworthiness of the media. By publishing clearly biased, anecdotal and outright false stories, major news outlets upset with the media’s position have managed to lower public opinion of the media even more.

This may be an ambitious goal, but we at the State-Run Media believe if we all work together, our combined efforts could lower the number below five percent in 2017. Just imagine, we are probably less than a decade away from a time when no one will believe the news. Thoughts like these truly restore our faith in humanity.

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