Fisher Suites hosts Brad’s House of Horrors

The four-level escape room gave me the creeps.
Fisher Suites was very popular on Halloween night last Tuesday. From 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., the Fisher Suites hall government hosted the highly anticipated Brad’s House of Horrors. The multi-level escape room instilled terror with every tick of the clock as time ran out in each room.
The event was extremely successful according to Fisher Suites Resident Assistant Hal Clowers. “We had a total of 92 people show up. It was more popular than we expected! Our hall government did great work planning and making that event so much fun. They made the story, the puzzles, and even acted in it themselves! I’m really proud of them and all the hard work they put in. They deserve all the credit.”
Fisher Suites RA Cheyenne Martin attested to the sheer amount of attendees when asked for comment. “We had a few groups lined up 15 minutes before the start. Later on in the night, we had to start turning groups away due to the two-hour estimated wait time.”
Groups of three to four were led through the creepy halls by ghostly, terrifying tour guides to each location. It was revealed that Captain Cane and Gus T. were Brad Carson’s children, and Gus T. was set to inherit riches beyond belief because Captain Cane was nowhere to be found. The groups were tasked with discovering what became of Captain Cane after his mysterious disappearance.
Each group was given 15 minutes to crack the code or solve the riddle and escape each of the four locations. They could ask for hints, but would be penalized with minutes added to their final time. The team with the fastest time at the end of the night won $25 Amazon gift cards. By the end of the night, the fastest time was 28 minutes and 45 seconds.
The first location was the kitchen, which was by far the easiest to solve, but incorporated some fun blacklight scavenging. Then we were led to the nursery which was full of red herrings, but once we realized to look towards the clock, this challenge turned out to be relatively simple. After this we made our way to the library, which was the most difficult to solve. My team was full of stubborn intellects that refused any hints, which cost us dearly in the time department. We did not end up escaping the library within the allotted 15 minutes. Our final destination was the game room, where we attempted to decode Captain Cane’s final thoughts with a cipher wheel and escape through a game of chess.
In a statement from Hall Government President Ethan Belanger, “This event was not just a series of puzzles to be solved, but a delicate tapestry that we all wove together, and it’s the collective creativity, hard work, and passion that made it a night to remember.”
The puzzles were entertaining and the riddles were clever. The Fisher Suites staff were dressed horrifically (in the good way), and they truly set the scene in each room. The evening was lively and the staff did a great job immersing us in the lore with detailed scripts.
Participants reportedly had a fantastic time at the event. Business major Adam Porterie said, “The Fisher Suites escape room was a great time for a group of any size. I felt that the rooms were well thought out and they had a fun sense of terror with a Brad-tastic end.”
Nursing major Becka Buron stated, “It was a really fun event. There was a lot of time and effort put into it.”
In the same vein, mechanical engineering major Sofia Carreno commented, “It was fun, and I will be expecting this event again next year!”
Luckily for returning TU students, Fisher Suites staff plan to bring the escape rooms back to the dorm next year. Fisher Suites’ Senior Resident Assistant Silas Hughes said, “It was very popular and a super fun event to run. We had a great turnout and will most definitely be hosting the event again next year given popular demand.”

Post Author: Shelby Hiens