The Tulsa Air and Space Museum offers opportunities to tour historical aircrafts. courtesy of US National Archives

Five great activities to explore what Tulsa offers

With so much to do in the city of Tulsa, here are some of the best ways to pass time.

Tulsa, though not as large as many major cities, is one of the most vibrant areas of the Midwest in terms of culture, entertainment, industry and much more. It seems that a great many people end up in Tulsa for one reason or another in their life from all over the world. Part of what makes this great city such a hub for all this exchange is the social activities that it has to offer. There is always something fun to do in Tulsa, so here are five things that we at The Collegian think every person should do while here, whether you have been in Tulsa your entire life or you are just passing through.

Tulsa Drillers Baseball
Our city has the unique opportunity of hosting a farm team for the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Tulsa Drillers baseball games are always fun for everyone, whether you are right behind the dugout catching a foul ball or you are having a picnic in the grass past the outfield. Oneok Field is one of the finest stadiums in American Minor League baseball, and to truly receive the Tulsa experience you have to attend at least one firework game. America’s pastime is a treat that is hard to beat in this city.

Philbrook Museum
Originally the home of Waite Phillips, one of the founders of Phillips 66, this mansion and its surrounding garden have become one of the largest centers of art and art history. Currently, the Philbrook is hosting a limited-time exhibition of Salvador Dali’s illustrations for Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. His dark, mysterious and absurd approach to illustrating this book pairs well with Carroll’s chaotic and kaleidoscopic narrative. In addition to the classic and modern art collections and a beautiful walk-through garden, the Philbrook Museum additionally has many community events, such as their “Movie on the Lawn” nights. There is always something new and exciting going on at the museum, so it is absolutely worthy of multiple visits throughout the year.

Tulsa Air and Space Museum
Tulsa has a long and rich history in the aerospace industry. Through companies such as Spartan Aviation (now Spartan College of Aeronautics), the former Rockwell International, McDonald-Douglas, and Boeing, we have had our hand in projects and innovations ranging from military aircraft in World War II to the Apollo Missions in the Space Age and even modern air transportation and private space ventures. If you have any sort of interest in aviation or space exploration, then the Tulsa Air and Space Museum is the place for you. Come take a tour of their exhibit hall filled with historic aircraft, including the Rockwell Ranger 3000, one of three of these racing planes ever built and the only one in the United States currently. Explore their American Airlines MD-80, seeing in detail all of the aspects of these airliners that changed the game of domestic and international travel. Be sure to stop by their planetarium for their many shows over subjects like Black Holes, Mars, and the Constellations. These aspects, as well as their special events throughout the year, are guaranteed to fill you with wonder and excite you with the amazing discoveries that we have made in the world of Aerospace and Engineering.

The Gathering Place
One of the newest attractions in Tulsa, and quickly becoming one of the most popular, is the Gathering Place. Owned by the Tulsa River Parks Authority, this location is exactly what the name suggests, a place in which people can gather and socialize, forming community and fellowship. This park has a lot to offer, including obstacle courses, basketball courts, biking and hiking trails, great food, special concerts and much more. Set off the east bank of the Arkansas River, this waterfront park showcases how beautiful and vibrant Riverside truly can be, and they are always working on expansion and improvement. Being named USA Today Readers’ Choice Award Best New Attraction in the nation in 2018, the Gathering Place truly has become a staple of Tulsa, and is guaranteed to be another place you will want to visit over and over again.

Tulsa Zoo
Last but not least on our list, our zoo here in Tulsa is truly a classic stop, and is a center for wildlife conservation, zoology education, and science communication. Recently two exciting things have taken place: the Tulsa Zoo has announced the name of their newest Malayan tiger cub, Dara, and their white rhino Sally is pregnant and due in the fall. These are exciting times for us because Malayan tigers are critically endangered, as are white rhinos. In fact, this will also be the first rhinoceros born in Tulsa ever. These are just a few of the many things that the Tulsa zoo has to offer. Fall is just around the corner, so be sure to check out their upcoming special events, such as their HallowZOOeen extravaganza in October.

Post Author: Justin Klopfer