French officials protect women from themselves

In recent weeks, French officials have made the bold and heroic move to ban the Burkini (a full body piece of swimwear primarily worn by Muslim women) from French beaches. In doing so, they have freed Muslim women from the chains of misogyny.

One lawmaker, Christian Estrosi, stated the wisdom behind the ban: “[A] public space is a place where everyone, without discrimination, can be a free citizen.” And free they are. Muslim women no longer have to make swimwear decisions based on the opinions of their husbands, fathers, or themselves!

These lawmakers, these radical champions of women’s rights, have done so much to help these women reap the benefits of their freedom. For instance, fines are issued by police every time a woman is seen in a burkini, so that the man who supports her will be forced into the 21st century.

In the unlikely event she is independent, the police will kindly remind her she can be herself with a suggestion to take off the oppressive clothing. If she still clings to her internalized misogyny, officers have to give her some tough love. These extraordinary men have even saved Muslim women from the burden of their own ideas, at great personal cost.

The decision has caused outrage from those who just don’t understand the effect male control has on Muslim women. Some courts have even overturned the ban, and reversed the progress made towards independent female thought. However, the bravest lawmakers will continue to fight for Muslim women’s right to wear anything they want to the beach…except the Burkini.

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