Friend who only likes dad-rock takes over aux cord

Last Saturday night a local student’s party was nearly ruined when her friend, Evan Ivanson, noted dad-rock lover, got control of the aux cord.

The host of the party, Kate Shinn, said everything was going fine for the first couple hours.

“The music was popping, the drinks were flowing, Brian brought a 120-pack of pizza rolls, everything was great,” said Shinn.

The festivities hit a bump around 12:30 a.m. when Ivanson stated that he “wanted to play a couple classics.”

Ivanson popped the aux cord out of Shinn’s phone, during the middle of “Formation” and put on “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen.

“I was just going to let him play the one song and then take the aux back,” said Shinn, “But every time I tried to take it back he said he wanted to play one more song.”
Ivanson seemed oblivious to the fact that everyone else at the party was now sitting down, looking at their phones.

For the next 45 minutes Ivanson held the music hostage. The rest of the party-goers didn’t feel relief until after Ivanson had to use the restroom, and Shinn was able to reacquire access to the aux cord.

“I just want to let everyone know that I don’t hate dad-rock,” said Shinn, “I even listen to it myself sometimes. But there’s a time and place for it.”

The State-Run was able to interview Ivanson, who didn’t seem to understand the nature of his defence.

“Yeah I was at that party. Thankfully I was able to take over DJing at one point during the night,” said Ivanson, “Like, Katie is great and all but she wasn’t playing any bangers. I think everyone was having a great time while I was in charge of the music.”

Every other party-goer the State-Run interviewed agreed that Ivanson shouldn’t have taken control of the music.

When confronted with the facts that other didn’t appreciate his musical choices and hogging of the aux cord Ivanson replied “What are you guys talking about? I’m the hero in this story. The party had been going on for like hours and she hadn’t played ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ yet. I had to come in and save the party.”

At press time Shinn and her friends are planning an intervention-style meeting for Ivanson.

Post Author: Adam Lux