It's 2021. Giant Gorillas and nuclear lizard creatures can fall in love, you know. graphic by Emma Palmer

“Godzilla vs. Kong” surprises audiences with love story

Well, it happened. The trailer for the new Godzilla vs. Kong released, and fans expected to see an epic boss battle between gorilla and lizard, who, as we all know, are natural enemies and Mother Nature’s chosen foe. Instead, Godzilla vs. Kong is a classic enemies-to-lover slow burn.

The trailer started normally. The human characters bumbled around with wide-eyed expressions, saying vague lines about destinies and ancient stories that could be easily lifted from any Naruto episode. Then came the unexpected: Godzilla and King Kong crashed through destruction and flames, only to end lips locked in a steamy kiss.

Understandably, the public was confused. When did these huge animals develop sexual tension? Where did those fiery, lust-filled gazes come from?

Also, does that mean Godzilla and King Kong are LGBTQ icons now?

King Kong’s violent actions are a vehicle for his repressed sexuality. He yearns for a human woman, an unrequited love that society sees as deplorable. If their love were to exist, it would merge within the subconscious, where the primal urges and cultural-driven corrections are buried. The world is a brutal, unforgiving place for King Kong – and society destroys him in order to keep the status quo of human and human relationships.

It also doesn’t help that he lusts so much after a conventionally attractive woman. Caught in a restricting tempest of his own creation, Kong tries to subscribe to the standards of toxic masculinity. It is a battle he loses as his beard is taken away from him and he is left vulnerable. The extended metaphor about homophobia was so overstated that viewers left vaguely irritated, intelligence belittled by how obvious the whole thing was.

Godzilla, however, is the definition of Hollywood stud, grizzled and glitzed in saltwater kisses. He is the king, fate held in his claws. His queer identity proves to the audience that sexuality isn’t based on appearance but instead one’s heart.

Self-proclaimed true fans of Godzilla were outraged. King Kong’s coming out seemed to make more sense to the public – after all, we’ve all seen the internalized homophobia from him in his first movie, and there was that big societal commentary. But Godzilla?

The GodzillaisStraight subreddit was therefore born in the flames of controversy. Its bio read:

“if you’re an SJW, Prepare to be Triggered… Kek.. You have fallen into our trap. . since you clearly just want to get OFFENDED by the truth amd push your LIBERAL agenda onto our godzilla movies. King Kong, you can have because that’s CLEARLY a given… but you weren’t satisfied with that. You, just cant handle when people have opinions.. You are so sensitive… Did you forget about straight moth female Mothra? Bah!! You feminazis can’t even defend your own… Pitiful, really. *touches my sacred amulet and turns into a wolf* *runs away*”

However controversial, Godzilla vs. Kong is a cultural milestone, proving to the world that lizard and gorilla can love and be loved, regardless of social faux pas and those clinging to the past of heteronormative titans. Plus, remember Godzilla’s blush in the trailer when he and King Kong engage in their first violin-stirring, furiously passionate stare down? So cute!

Post Author: Anna Johns