Haha, so my roommate is, like, always asleep?

So, should I wake him up or nah? He’s starting to smell.

Listen, I hate being woken up when I’m not ready to get up, so I’ve made it a priority to never do it to my friends, and by extension, to my new roommate. We only met this year when we were randomly assigned together, and he is kinda weird if I’m being honest. He’s always either sleeping, napping or passed out. I sort of want to say something about it to him, but we’ve never interacted much and it would be too awkward to start now, right? Either way, it’s concerning.

I first noticed this habit of his around midterm season. Whenever I would return home from a random burst of studying, my roommate would already be asleep! No matter what time I came in! I mean surely the guy loves sleeping, but it is kinda sad he has no life. Maybe I should talk to him about it?

I think he might be skipping class because dust is starting to collect on his desk and backpack, but that’s his problem, not mine. I mean he’s a grown adult, so he can make his own decisions, right? I wouldn’t want to intrude and come off as a pushy roommate.

Weeks have passed now, and all he does is sleep. I don’t think he’s even taking showers anymore. I say that because damn he is starting to stink! But then again if I told him that it would be rude. I’ll probably just let him do his thing.

Midterms passed (I passed btw, woot woot!) and he’s still sleeping, I don’t know how he’s even passing his classes. He’s here on scholarship so shouldn’t he be more responsible? I mean come on now, I know engineers tend to be introverted, but this is ridiculous.

I wonder if he even eats anything. The food he keeps on his side of the room looks like it has not been touched in ages. If anything I think the spiders have eaten more of his food than he has.

Maybe I should call the school counseling service; he clearly needs help. He might be like super depressed or something. Although I have no idea what would make him that distressed.

It could be his sense of fashion ⁠— it is horrid, after all. Speaking of which, is he ever going to do laundry? His pile of dirty clothes reeks almost as bad as he does, and that’s saying something. He is putting off some serious fumes.

I think I saw bugs crawling over him this morning, and I’m really not here for that. I hate bugs almost as much as I hate trigonometry. Who needs to know what the inverse tangent of x is anyways? Back to the bugs, though ⁠— how did he not absolutely freak out over that?

Surely even if you’re asleep you would feel the little hellspawn crawling on you? Oh well, if it doesn’t bother him then it ain’t my concern. I do wish he would take a shower though, it’s getting hard to breathe in the room unless I open the window or use some Febreeze.

I think he might have learned how to hibernate because he hasn’t moved in more than a month. Maybe he moves at night when I’m asleep and carefully covers his tracks? Although the layer of dust collecting on everything of his and his blanket suggests otherwise.

I can’t take it anymore, there are bugs crawling all over him and just walking into our dorm room makes my eyes water. I’ve spent my last few nights either at my frat ΒΣΣΓ, which is the leading supplier of used beer cans for recycling by the way, or in the residence hall lounge. I’ve no choice but to move out.

Should I even bother waking him up to say goodbye? Nah I think I’ll just let him rest.

Post Author: Brayden McCoy