Handshake replaces Golden OpporTUnities

Handshake serves in place of Golden OpporTUnities as a hub for student internships, job positions and more.

Handshake is an online job-search platform with many functions, built specifically for students. It was introduced this year as TU’s replacement for Golden OpporTUnities. Students can upload digital résumés, look at job listings, check on upcoming campus events, make appointments with the Career Services Center and access other CSC resources.

Once a student has signed up, they will be brought to the For You tab. This page has horizontal channels that display top job offerings for different categories. These categories can range anywhere from “in cities with best nightlife” and “jobs in tech hubs” to “companies with best perks” and “coolest internship.”

To the left of the For You tab is the Jobs tab, which allows students to search for and track open applications, view employers and stay updated with on-campus interviews. The first section is called Job Search where students can search for full-time, part-time and internship job applications that interest them. These searches can be refined based on location, type of job, industry, major and many others.

After a student has found a position they enjoy and applied for it, they can move to the Applications section. This section will track every application sent in, show that application’s current status and has the ability to filter applications based on keywords.

If a student wants to look for positions based on the company versus the type of job, then they can use the Employers section. Users can search for employers based off of keywords, location, employer, size, industry and any other custom label. From there, they can view open positions within a chosen company and apply for them.

Once a student has been invited to an interview with companies working with the Career Services Center, they can use the On-Campus Interviews section of the Job tab. On-Campus Interviews lists every company that will be interviewing in the Career Services Center with filter options, including interview date, employer, industry and others.

The next tab is Events and also has four sections: Upcoming Events, Event Search, Fair Search and Calendar. Upcoming Events shows all events, appointments, career fairs and interviews that a student has registered for at the top, and all upcoming campus events below. Next up is the Event Search section, which (as the name implies) allows students to search for events based on type of event, host and any other custom label.

If a student is specifically looking for career fairs, then they can use the Fair Search section. This search engine lists not only career fairs at TU, but also any other public career fairs on the website. These fairs can be searched by keywords, location and dates. Finally, the Calendar section lists all of the TU-based events coming up by month, week or day.

After the Events tab is the Students tab, which serves as a networking tool between TU students. Searches can be narrowed down based on School Year, Major, Previous Employers and student organizations.

The Career Center tab is the final tab and contains resources designed to help connect students to the Career Services Center and help them find what career paths interest them. The first option in the drop-down menu is My School and gives an overview of TU and its upcoming events.

After My School is the Appointments section. This area allows students to track their upcoming and previous appointments, and also to make new ones. Students can schedule appointments with their respective colleges for any purpose from scholarship search assistance to résumé review to a Focus 2 results assessment. This platform allows students to schedule these appointments in just a few clicks and even gives the different options of communication like in-person, over the phone or via Skype.

Following Appointments is the Resources tab. As the name implies, Resources gives students a variety of tools to help them find their career path and prepare for interviews. Focus 2 Assessments test a student’s readiness for a career, their work interests, side-by-side occupation comparisons and a portfolio for saved career/major options. Another of the resources is Going Global. GG connects students with international job opportunities based on their desired country.

The last part of the navigation bar is the Profile section. The My Profile section serves as a digital résumé and allows students to add a profile picture, biography and any career-relevant information like job experience or organizational involvement. Below this section is the Documents section where students can upload cover letters, résumé and any other form that a student sees fit to upload.

The last public section of My Profile is Career Interests. Here, students can choose what type of job they are looking for, what they want out of Handshake, post-graduation plans, where the student wants to live, industries of interest, jobs of interest and expected career dates.

As its replacement, Handshake fulfills all of the same functions as Golden OpporTUnities while also adding a few more functions like the ability to schedule appointments with a college’s respective career center.

Handshake can be found at www.utulsa.joinhandshake.com.

Post Author: Brian Kwiecinski