Hannah Hart spoke about “My Drunk Kitchen Holidays!” to an enthusiastic and drunk crowd of fans. courtesy Plume

Hannah Hart releases “My Drunk Kitchen Holidays!”

The YouTube star came to Mother Road Market to promote her newest cookbook.

On Thursday Oct. 24, YouTube sensation Hannah Hart, most commonly known for her channel “My Drunk Kitchen,” came to Tulsa to promote her new cookbook, “My Drunk Kitchen Holidays!” Magic City Books partnered with Tulsa’s first food hall, Mother Road Market, to host this very food and drink centric event.

Before the event actually began, attendees sat patiently in their seats guzzling alcohol in anticipation of Hart’s entrance. I think the bartender must have thoroughly enjoyed the very warm energy in the room, because most drinks seemed to be mostly liquor. First sips were met with puckered lips that quickly transformed into mischievous grins. My mojito was essentially a tall glass of rum with a mint sprig, but I’m definitely not complaining.

Hart’s new cookbook, her third book to date, takes readers through the entire year with recipes celebrating various holidays. Hart explained that not all of the most common holidays were directly referenced in the book due in part to her religiously complicated upbringing. Her mother converted to Judaism to marry her father, and then her father became a Jehovah’s Witness, so having an explicit section for Easter didn’t seem quite authentic to the author. Furthermore, Hart wanted to capture the enjoyable nature of everyday life, and she chose to do this in her book by having references and recipes for lesser-known holidays, including left-handers day.

The recipes in Hart’s book have the potential to produce totally edible and delicious cocktails and meals. However, I so appreciate that Hart maintained her “winging it” attitude and rarely, if ever, specifies an actual measurement for any ingredients. Handfuls are the new half cup when it comes to this cookbook, and I think it’s right in line with Hart’s refreshing approach to the holidays and life in general.

I think the most meaningful part of the evening was when Hannah Hart explained her rationale behind the cookbook and how her reasonings came from the culmination of all of the unique parts of her identity. Being engaged to a woman, not having a solid religious background, struggling with mental health issues and so many other things played into the way the book is laid out.

Hart explained that she didn’t want New Year’s in her life to be this occasion to focus on the negative things and what should be changed, but instead to be a time of reflection on the positive and enjoyable things of previous years. Instead of resolutions to lose weight and cut back, why not resolve to bring more of what you loved the last year into your life? You went to an outdoor concert and had the best night of your life? Go to two this year.

Hart not only showcased her infamous sense of humor during her talk, but also became extremely vulnerable with the audience, discussing mental health, religion, sexual orientation and identity and the inevitability of growing up. An audience member asked Hart if she ever expected to be the LGBTQ+ icon that she inarguably is, and she burst out laughing. She says she’s honored to represent the community and that she’s so thankful for who she gets to be and interact with, but never did she expect it. Her sincerity really enveloped the room in a warm and loving glow and I feel so fortunate that I got to spend the evening with her.

Post Author: Tori Gellman