Horoscopes 4/10/2023 – 4/16/2023

Expect a lucky week thanks to the Sun and Jupiter conjunction on the 11th!

Aries, this is a very lucky week for you! Between the 11th and 12th the Sun meets Jupiter in Aries for the first time in 12 years! This is a time for productivity. Take that leap. Luck will be on your side in all aspects of your life this week so focus your energy where you really want to see results.

Taurus, your work will bring fulfillment this week. The Sun and Jupiter conjunction will bring light to your twelfth house, which is associated with work and creation. Focus on independence and making decisions based on your intuition. Be wary of others who try to influence your actions. This week is about what you want to accomplish.

Gemini, this is a social week for you. Watch for new connections and what they might bring. The Sun and Jupiter conjunction on the 11th will bring a connection into your life that has the potential to create abundance for you. Be generous, and accept the kindness of others.

Cancer, your hard work will come to fruition this week! The Sun and Jupiter conjunction on the 11th is in your tenth house associated with career advancement. You are also likely to find financial success since the sun rules your second house. Use this time to initiate new career moves you feel have the potential to increase your status.

Leo, good fortune is on its way. You are ruled by the Sun, so the Sun and Jupiter conjunction on the 11th will be more lucky for you than most! Focus on just being you this week. You may feel your core values being fulfilled. This is because your sun sign describes the themes in your life, and the emphasis placed on them will intensify their significance to you. Enjoy this time as much as you can.

Virgo, you will find security this week. The investments you made previously are coming into fruition. It is time to begin reaping what you have sewn. This has been a year of hard work for you and it is likely you have not been able to see your rewards yet. As Venus moves closer to Uranus, expect a surprise change of fortune and a new sense of inspiration.

Libra, this week is about your relationships. As the Sun and Jupiter move into conjunction on the 11th, they are in Aries, the sector of partnership in your chart. This is a great time to increase your commitment in relationships or to look for new people to add to your life. You are uniquely equipped to bring abundance to both you and the people in your life. Focus on how you show up in relationships and where your strengths are so you can emphasize that this week.

Scorpio, new things are coming your way. The Sun and Jupiter conjunction on the 11th happens in your sixth house, which is connected to new beginnings. This week you are likely to feel this in your work, whether that be your career or independent interests. You will probably be given the opportunity to start something new or bring new people into your work. Take what comes your way as it is likely to bring success.

Sagittarius, focus on what you love. This week is all about your fifth house of true love, whether that be a person or simply what you enjoy doing! The Sun and Jupiter conjunction on the 11th luminates this aspect of your life. Find time to invest in what you want to do, it will bring long term joy.

Capricorn, focus on your home this week. Whether that be where you physically live or what represents home to you. The Sun and Jupiter conjunction on the 11th emphasizes the home sector of your chart. This is a good time to solidify what home is to you. As a hard worker it is easy for you to neglect this aspect of your life, but it is the foundation for your ability to build other aspects of your life, so give it extra attention at this time.

Aquarius, say what is on your mind! As a sign known for your unique perspective, it may be difficult for people to understand you. This week the Sun and Jupiter conjunction on the 11th will eliminate this problem since it targets your third house of communication. Share your ideas and do not fear rejection; the right people will accept you.

Pisces, what you deserve is on its way! The Sun and Jupiter conjunction on the 11th is in your second house, which rules earnings. Enjoy these benefits, and plant new seeds for later! What you start this week is likely to be even more fruitful once it comes to fruition later on.

Post Author: Aurora Stewart