Improve TU: Make my roommate stop leaving her dishes out, BECKY

Everyone thinks that college students are sloppy, messy, and generally unmotivated to keep their living spaces clean. In some cases, that’s very true — I’ve seen it right here on TU campus.

The TU experience could be greatly improved if all of us worked together to make our campus a clean and pleasant space. You know, like, picking up trash on the Old U, not leaving messes in the classrooms, and NOT LEAVING DISHES OUT IN OUR APARTMENTS.

I just think that if everyone, especially my roommate Becky, put in a little extra effort each day, we could really make this campus into a beautiful place to be. I know we’re all busy with studies and extracurriculars, but cleanliness is really a vital part of collaborating as a student party and is also a vital part of not pissing off our roommates.

Everyone should try their hardest to just pick up a little bit of the mess they see around them. We shouldn’t be littering or being wasteful! We should be taking responsibility for our own messes! We shouldn’t be leaving pots of soup on the stovetop for five days at a time, eventually forcing our roommates to throw the moldy soup away for us!

Part of living together on a college campus is being considerate of others. TU students (Becky) should be working harder to do this. If you (Becky) are reading this, you (Becky) should think of ways you (Becky) can get started! Maybe by cleaning the bowls that have been stacked in our sink for two weeks?

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