Improve TU: Underground tunnels would shelter weather-weary students

We’ve all done it. Speed walked to class in the dead of winter. Wondered if getting to a warm classroom two minutes sooner was worth the weird looks we would get while sprinting to class.

There’s an easy solution to the horrible Midwest weather. Cold outside? No problem. Windy as hell? We’ve got you covered. Been inside studying so long that the sunlight now burns like a thousand blades? This solution will help you too.


More specifically, underground tunnels.

While this may sound like a crazy idea, it’s not as out-there as you may think. Most of the buildings on campus already have basements, after all. And we’re not suggesting the university build a freeway under campus, just a few small tunnels to connect various buildings so we don’t spend the first half of class de-thawing our frostbitten fingers.

This isn’t the first time something like this will have been done either. Schools such as Concordia University and the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities have underground tunnels for students to get to class. Encitas, California spent four millions dollars on a five mile long pedestrian tunnel. TU tunnels would not be that long, but even if the cost was the same, it would only take 94 students paying full tuition to cover that cost.

Even if you calculate in the cost of hiring the extra CAMPO it would take to patrol the underground tunnels, accepting two more students would cover that too.

Worth it? I think so.

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