Indie horror game Layers of Fear has interesting plot, creepy graphics

Layers of Fear is a new horror indie game released by Bloober Team SA. This game is a mix between P.T, a popular horror game released in 2014, and 1408 by Stephen King.

What do I mean it’s like P.T? Well, without spoiling too much of the game, the basic structure is you walk through rooms and hallways of a house. Each door you open leads to a completely different structured room or hallway (sometimes repeating itself) much like what is seen in P.T.

As you walk through these hallways, you experience many different phenomena such as rooms completely changing behind your back or the paintings melting away into disturbing images (a sort of psychedelic horror). This resembles a lot of the horror found in the short story and film 1408.

What makes this game very creepy is the graphics behind it… especially seen in the paintings. The detail in the paintings makes the game feel more real than I ever wanted it to be.

Because of the graphics, Layers of Fear is able to keep up this creepy persona throughout the entire game. Twitch streamer Sodapoppin said after playing it that it was one of the scariest games he has ever played. It definitely kept me at the edge of my seat the entire time. This game is not only scary, but is also has an interesting story line.

The story takes place in the mind of a mad painter, as you play to finish his masterpiece. This makes it hard to know what is real and what is not. While playing the game, you slowly start piecing the story of what happened in the house together by finding clues.

When a clue is found, it triggers a memory from the past. There are a certain amount of clues, or items, it takes to complete the painting.

Because it is early access, the story is nowhere close to being done at the end of your run. The game leaves you relieved that it is over and definitely wanting more. Because of this, there are many questions left unanswered.

Overall, this game is well worth the money. The first bit can be beaten under two hours, so it’s perfect to make that one friend who freaks out about everything play (because let’s be honest, that’s who we really want to see be scared).

Plus, since this is an early access, there will be plenty of additional content added in the future! It’s only ten dollars on the Steam store, which is about the amount it would be to see a horror film (location dependent). So don’t just watch a horror film, live one.

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