International sodas event offers sips of world flavors

Last Thursday afternoon, Hardesty Hall’s archway was filled with students from the Center for Global Education passing out samples of sodas from around the world.

Among the featured flavors were an apple cider without any artificial ingredients from Taiwan, a bright green tarragon flavored soda from Russia, and a caffeine-filled guarana energy drink from Brazil.

Also offered up were the popular fruity Jarritos from Mexico, which are available for purchase at Baja Jack’s.

The most interesting flavor was the tarragon: like a mix between rosemary and parsley, it had a woody, herbal flavor that was savory overall, but it delivered a fresh zesty burst as well.

While the guarana energy drink was appealing due to its caffeine content, the flavor wasn’t very notable.

The Brazilian club on campus was promoting the guarana drink while also encouraging students to attend their Brazil Fest this coming Friday at noon in the LaFortune lobby.

They’ll have free food and drink, likely including the energy drink.

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