Jazz Hall of Fame dodges eviction

The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame was almost thrown out of its current location after it found itself in the red with State Farm and Tulsa County.

But as of last week, the crisis has passed over.

The Jazz Hall of Fame owed State Farm Insurance roughly $11,200, in addition to a couple thousand owed to Tulsa County, NewsOK reports.

Faced with the choice of either paying its bills in court or selling memorabilia and the like to get more cash, the organization was given a deadline of Feb. 20 to pay Tulsa County or face eviction.

To end the crisis, the Jazz Hall of Fame organized fundraising concerts.

Two benefit concerts were set for the month of February hoping to raise awareness of the music hall as well as boost morale for their patrons.

NewsOK interviewed the Jazz Hall’s executive director, Jason McIntosh, who suggested that “the museum was being unfairly targeted” for a minor slip up.

Just last week the Tulsa World reported that the Jazz Hall of Fame had paid its $3,000 debt to Tulsa County and need no longer fear threats of eviction from the Union Depot Building, where the Jazz Hall of Fame is currently housed.

It was also reported that a State Farm Insurance spokesman confirmed that the Jazz Hall of Fame had fulfilled its debt to them as well.

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