Kendall Hall bathrooms in disrepair

This school is amazing. Being a nationally ranked university, one would think we’d take pride in our surroundings. For the most part we do, with new buildings like Hardesty and an amazing football field.

Given our university’s standing, it shouldn’t be too much to ask that when there is a concern over something needing to be fixed, something is actually done about it.

Take the Kendall Hall bathrooms. To say the place is a mess would be an understatement.

The walls literally have holes punched through them and stall doors are broken. Instead of a lock, one of the stalls has a screw instead. “Racists make me horny” and other graphic texts are etched into the walls, and that’s only the main level bathrooms.

Downstairs, the water pressure is virtually nonexistent and the sinks drip.

The entire environment is a shit show, both figuratively and literally, and the sad thing is, this isn’t a new concern. Alumni, students and teachers alike have acknowledged the very obvious problem at hand for years, but the bathrooms stay in the same condition.

It seems the university doesn’t take time to renovate and repair. We spend more than a million dollars on a fancy fountain, and yet there isn’t any room in the budget to fix things that we already have?

Chris Jett, a junior, said he feels, “that with the recent increase in tuition, which has affected all of the students in one way or another, we should all be feeling the benefits. From Kendall to Hardesty.” He isn’t wrong.

With the amount of money being asked of students for tuition and housing (above 50,000 dollars per year) one would think simple repairs could be fit in.

Maybe it’s the lack of interest in fine arts, but with a consistently losing football team that gets plastered everywhere, one would think the arts should get representation too.

And this isn’t me saying the fine arts should be a replacement to the pedestal football sits on. But simple things like a repair here and there are not only wanted, they’re needed, and that shouldn’t be deemed ridiculous.

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