LAGQ guitarist returns to hometown

Do you like Bach? How about bluegrass? If not, maybe classic rock? Or Latin music? Congratulations! The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet has something for you.

LAGQ is a Grammy award-winning guitar quartet, one of the most notable in the world of classical guitar.

The group is famous for albums such as “Guitar Heroes” and “LAGQ-Latin,” and its four members each have outstanding solo careers as well.

The quartet covers contemporary and classical music ranging from Latin, African, Far East, Irish, Folk and American classics in each concert.

Though LAGQ is an internationally renowned classical guitar group, they also have a local connection: one of their members is a Tulsa native.

Matthew Greif is the youngest and most recent member of LAGQ, having joined the group in 2006.

He comes from a family of musicians, which ensured that his early musical education included a myriad of instruments and musical styles.

Despite focusing on the violin as a child, he first began to show a strong interest in the guitar at the age of 12, when he got his first electric guitar.

Greif began playing classically around 13 or 14, and the rest is history. He studied extensively throughout college and went on to join the Falla Guitar Trio and finally, LAGQ.

Greif has studied classical styles in Spain, has extensive experience with jazz, rock, flamenco and bluegrass, and has played with a variety of well-known guitarists such as Chet Atkins.

He has also studied with TU’s own classical guitar professor Michael Fowler.

Matthew Greif currently teaches classical and jazz guitar at Cal State University, El Camino College and Los Angeles Harbor College.

Greif’s musical versatility speaks for the talent of the entire group—an LAGQ concert is an unparalleled experience, spanning countless musical genres, styles and time periods.

Next Monday, Matthew Greif and the rest of the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet will be returning to Tulsa once more.

The concert will be held in Gussman Concert Hall at the Lorton Performance Center and begins at 7:30 pm.

The performance is free and open to the public.

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