Leaked video shows Clinton demeaning men

In a video obtained by The Washington RePost last Friday, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is heard making vulgar comments towards men. The video shows Clinton and some aides on a campaign bus back in 2007.

In the video, Clinton repeatedly talks, in explicit terms, about the various men she has kissed and tried to convince to have sex with her. “I’m attracted to handsome,” she admitted, “I see a handsome man and just need to kiss him.”

The aides, who were all female, agreed with Clinton, mentioning some of the men that they considered hot. Clinton then told the story of a married man she tried to court for several months before being rejected. It is unknown was these events took place, but Hillary Clinton had been married to Bill Clinton for around 30 years at this point.

Clinton also reflected on the unique position her role as First Lady of the United States put her in, “You can do whatever you want to men. And when you’re FLOTUS, they let you. … You can grab them by the d**k if you want.”

As news of Clinton’s comments became widespread, Democratic leaders are calling for Clinton to step down as the presidential nominee. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, an outspoken Democrat, told reporters, “What Mrs. Clinton said is completely unacceptable. Our husbands and sons do not deserve to be treated this way.”

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who ran against Clinton in the Democratic primary, announced that he would not be appearing with Clinton at a rally next week. In his comments, Sanders said “Mrs. Clinton’s comments towards men were akin to advocating sexual assault.”

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tweeted “Crooked Hillary’s words show her true character! She does not respect men at all. Very sad.” in response to the video.

In a statement released Saturday night, Clinton apologized for her comments, saying that she “regrets” saying those things, and has “changed since then.” She also noted that this video “distracts from the important issues of this election,” and will “see everyone at the debate Sunday night.”

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