Lesser-known Republican candidates

Jeb Bush:

Bush is a former Florida Governor. During his two-term tenure in office, Bush passed legislation for conserving the Everglades and education reform.

In respect to the issues he is campaigning for, Bush proposes simplifying the tax code, creating a balanced budget, reducing the size of bureaucracy and increasing government intervention in Iraq and Syria.

Ted Cruz:

Cruz is currently a US Senator for the state of Texas. His time in Senate has been spent working to repeal Obamacare and defend first and second amendment rights.

Cruz is campaigning for a defense of constitutionally protected rights as well as backing out on the Iran deal and protecting traditional marriage.

Chris Christie:

Christie currently serves as the Governor of New Jersey. During his time in this position he has led relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy, passing education reform, and finding alternative solutions to jail time for nonviolent drug offenders.

Christie hopes to extend his jail reform, to cut back on, but maintain, entitlement programs and to increase national security intelligence.

Jim Gilmore:

Gilmore is the currently serving Governor of Virginia. Throughout his tenure Gilmore has reduced property taxes in his state and implemented education reform that included standardized testing.

Gilmore is running for president on the grounds of immigration and border control reform, repealing Obamacare and reducing business tax to 15 percent.

Lindsey Graham:

As US Senator for the state of South Carolina, Graham has routinely voted for legislation to reduce spending, reform entitlement programs and reduce government involvement in business.

Graham is campaigning for religious freedom globally, traditional family values and a military defeat of radical islamic terrorist groups.

Mike Huckabee:

Huckabee is the current Governor of Arkansas. Throughout his time in office Huckabee has implemented tax cuts, K-16 educational outreach programs which encourage colleges to help high school students apply for and succeed in college and state health care reform.

Huckabee is running on the platforms of energy independence, locally run education and national reform of veterans benefits and VA hospitals.

Bobby Jindal:

Jindal is the Governor of Louisiana and has made efforts toward ethics laws, school-choice based education reform and public-private partnerships with hospitals on health care issues.

Jindal is running on increasing jobs in the fields of oil and natural gas energy, defeating radical Islamic groups and repealing Obamacare.

John Kasich:

As the Governor of Ohio Kasich signed legislation which allowed first time nonviolent drug users to seek rehabilitation instead of jail time.

Kasich is running for president on the grounds of cutting taxes for families and businesses, reducing and controlling funding for entitlement programs and achieving energy independence.

George Pataki:

The former Governor of New York led the state through 9/11, reduced state spending on education and health care and voted in favor of gay rights legislation.

Pataki is running pro-abortion with strict limitations, large tax cuts and continued allowance of states deciding on marijuana legalization.
Rand Paul:

Paul is the currently serving US Senator for the state of Kentucky and also a former ophthalmologist. Paul filibustered against the use of drone strikes inside the US, filed a lawsuit against the NSA and argued for criminal justice reform that restored voting rights for nonviolent drug offenders.

Paul is campaigning on ending NSA surveillance, returning to free-market health care and improving the immigration process so that legal immigration is easier

Marco Rubio:

Rubio is the US Senator for Florida. Who has voted on tax reform, higher education reform and national defense issues.

On the issues Rubio stands for fighting communism in Cuba, strengthening social security and medicare and modernizing the military.

Rick Santorum:

Santorum is a former US Senator for Pennsylvania. During his tenure in office he passed legislation against abortion and in favor of autism advocation.

Santorum is campaigning on immigration reform, fighting radical Islam and anti-abortion laws.

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