Letter from the Head Propagandist: A dark beginning

You know… I just started this job as Head Propagandist, but already I’m having to fill my section with my own articles.
It’s the beginning of school. Shouldn’t you all be more motivated? I just kind of lucked into this position, honestly.

At the start of the summer, I found myself stranded on an island with the former editor. We were told that only one of us could make it out alive.

We tried to find some other way to survive, but eventually we had to acknowledge there was no escaping for the both of us. I knew at that point I was the one who had to make it out. He had his chance. He’s older than me, anyway, so it’s fine, right? It’s fine.

Hey! Whoever pulls the strings around here, do you really think surviving a one-on-one battle on a private island in the south pacific is what qualifies someone for an editing position at a newspaper?

But despite the circumstances behind the hiring process, I’m determined to do my best this year.

Even if it means forsaking my duties and delving deeper into a world in which I must abandon all my friends and family, I will find the ones responsible for this. And I will make them pay.

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