Letter to the Editor

This letter is in response to the articles covering the sexual harassment
allegations made against men in the media and government throughout the
United States.

To all males living in this country I issue a collective statement: enough
already! Who are you to impose your sexual desires on someone because they
did not give you their consent? Once again we are witnessing those in authority
positions taking advantage of the situation. Resignation is the least you can do.
Prosecution is the best we can do…and we will.

What did you expect to gain from making sexual advances on a human being?
If this isn’t an indication of the failure to grow up I don’t know what is. Those
men who have permeated this transgression must seek counseling before
they destroy more lives executing their perverted conquest. Otherwise time
spent in prison will allow them to dwell on their evil actions while trying
to survive an environment which is the closest equivalent to hell on earth.

Perhaps I had the advantage of growing up with four sisters in my family
which some say predispositions males to be kinder to females throughout all
stages of their life. Frankly I remember times when I was embarrassed for
making incidental contact with a female followed by an immediate apology.

Ladies of America please be assured that the actions of a few do not represent
the feelings and beliefs of the many. You are our mothers, sisters, daughters,
cousins etc. that compose one equal half of the species we call the human race.
For that matter do not despair because the true honest and gentle men of this
country know better than to act inappropriately in your company. We will
always cherish your beauty, charm and most importantly your intelligence.
Now help us to drive this dreadful scourge from the planet once and for all.
It is up to all of us. Let us begin.

Joe Bialek

Post Author: tucollegian