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State Question 792 Overview

SQ 782 Breakdown
The Oklahoma Beer Alliance has been a longtime supporter of beer modernization, an initiative largely driven by Oklahoma consumers that would allow the sale of cold, strong beer in Oklahoma’s grocery and convenience stores. To help in your decision on beer modernization this election day, the Alliance has provided the following State Question 792 breakdown.

Since 1959, Oklahoma’s alcohol laws have remained unchanged. On November 8, Oklahomans will have an opportunity to modernize the state’s beer and wine laws through State Question 792 (SQ 792), and it is important to know what this would mean for Oklahoma’s consumers.

SQ 792 would allow strong beer and wine to be sold cold at grocery, convenience and liquor stores.
Oklahoma’s current system doesn’t allow for the sale of strong beer or wine in grocery or convenience stores. SQ 792 would allow grocery and convenience stores to sell cold, strong beer and wine, and allow liquor stores to refrigerate strong beer and wine. In addition, it would allow liquor stores to sell drink mixers, bar accessories and a select number of groceries.

SQ 792 would increase beer selection for consumers.
Many full-strength beer brands are not currently available in Oklahoma because they require specific temperature settings to ensure the best beer quality for the consumer. With SQ 792, more beer brands would be able to enter the Oklahoma market because it would allow for refrigeration through the point of sale at all retail locations including grocery, convenience and liquor stores. This would provide a wider range of beer selection for Oklahomans.

SQ 792 would be good for business.
Oklahoma’s current beer laws restrict businesses and don’t allow them to respond to what consumers want. Beer modernization proposed in SQ 792 would allow businesses to respond to consumer demand and operate freely benefiting the entire Oklahoma beer industry, which currently provides more than 8,000 local jobs.

SQ 792 protects public safety.
SQ 792 and its companion bill SB 383 implement statutory changes to Oklahoma’s alcohol laws to ensure responsible alcohol sales and public safety. Right now, grocery and convenience store clerks can be 16 years old to sell beer; however, under SQ 792 and SB 383, they would have to be 18 years old. In addition, clerks must receive special training and a license from the Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement (ABLE) Commission to sell alcohol products. This ensures the responsible sale of alcohol and holds individuals accountable throughout the process while also taking steps to protect the public.

SQ 792 is what Oklahoma consumers have been asking for.
Beer modernization has been a consumer-driven effort to reform the state’s 57 year old alcohol laws. Right now, Oklahoma is one of only five states that mandate 3.2 beer by law. SQ 792 would allow Oklahoma to join nearly all other states that have modern beer laws and allow the sale of cold, strong beer and wine in grocery, convenience and liquor stores.

Lisette Barnes, President of the Oklahoma Beer Alliance

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