Local band releases electrifying EP

Variety writer meets true punk with Honduh Daze and never recovers.

Honda Days? Nah, Honduh Daze. Meet the dealership punk duo whose music will chill your soul and give you the gut-wrenching bangerz you deserve. Honduh Daze is the Tulsa punk band composed of Terry Ball and Jamie Weiner, and “Beater EP” is their latest creation.
I am not not much of a true punk listener. I am a wittle baby who sticks to her pop-punk, just reveling in my teensy tastes of more aggressive music without having to swallow the harder stuff. But when I heard that a local Tulsa band had released a 23-minute EP, I was intrigued. Let’ss support local artists! Support artists in general! So, I cozied down with a blanket and a pair of headphones to experience “Beater EP.”

And I have been scarred for life, yet also electrified.

The EP began with a deep bass that vibrates and immediately caught my attention. Someone began speaking as if giving a testimony in a documentary about a “Stranger Things” type of situation, describing a horrific event that they survived. Then some eerie, swaying noises that I can only describe as the sound a metal disc would make as it spins around crept in. A man with an old-timey detective voice spoke in my ear as the eerie noises were amplified. He details a government murder situation with killing animals and hanging them in trees (here’s where I started to get scared).

And then the drums started. Hell yeah, but the man with the detective voice cropped up again. However, before I had time to be afraid again, an epically raspy voice began to scream and I started violently head-banging. The drums! The drums were slaying and a guitar joined in.

Then, the detective came back. I decided to accept him as a motif of the song and continued head-banging. The raspy singer returned with PUNK and began sticking it to the man. Yes! Fuck it up! Scream-sing! The cymbals and drums were drumming in my chest and I was living but also nervous, kind of like when you are anxious.

About nine minutes in, the band utilized some static that felt like the end of the world. An automated voice began threatening Honda before the beat dropped and the cymbals returned. The automated voice repeated its threats with reverb in a way that caused me to boogie a bit.

Then, the music was pitched higher and higher. More voices joined in and this time an old computer advertisement started blaring. with a creepy, maniacal laugh.

Then the beat slowed down and the cymbals returned with a deliberate vengeance.
“The unexpected is cool,” screeched the singer and I agreed.

And let us not forget the sponsor of this song, Honda. Honduh Dazes will not forget where it came from, nor will it forget the deals that Honda provides and the origins of dealership punk.
The song continues with some agonizing screams and rocket-like noises. Toss in some synth that hurts my throat and another person speaking, this time pleading for their life.

The beat returns with the main singer and some more synth that is very pleasing to hear. Hark, time for the ‘bat screams,’ coupled nicely with yet more drums.

“Beater EP” finishes with some explosion noises and if the purpose of art is to move the listener, I have been moved.

Honduh Dazes has an upcoming show May 29 at The Whittier Bar. Go show some love to this sick band who will shake your soul and take you on a roller coaster of emotions.

Post Author: Mary Lickona