Local Internet activist to receive Nobel Peace Prize

Not all good deeds go unpunished. Jim Nobell, a local resident and prominent online activist, has recently been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts towards thousands of causes. The State Run Media was granted an interview at his activist headquarters.

Nobell explained how “everyday I get up excited to change the world so I get online and give my support to causes such as clean water and disaster relief by liking and commenting on them.”

Asked how he has the energy and the strength to continue his tireless efforts towards humanity, he responded that he finds the strength by the works of other activists.

This reporter was in awe over his breath-taking remarks. Describing all of Nobell’s works of charity would take hours to complete, but a few of Nobell’s important achievements include writing inspiring messages such as, “This is terrible” on pictures of disease-ridden areas in Africa, or writing things like “Great” and “Doing the Lord’s work” on posts made by the Red Cross.

Nobell’s humble attitude manifests itself in his physical appearance, as well, as his attire consists mainly of free t-shirts from charity events that he happened to stop by for a few minutes. Jim Nobell will receive his award on December 10 with other important members of society.

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