Local woman upset man got most of the credit for creation of app

Everyone is raving about the newly released “Dave’s App,” a combination between Twitter, Tinder and a generic meme app (I know it doesn’t make sense but trust me it’s like the coolest thing go follow my page) which launched last Friday. David Bustleman, a computer science major here at TU, is the author of the app. However, Carly Santiago, another CS major, falsely claims that she was in fact the primary author of the app and that Bustleman “stole the credit.”

“I wrote almost the entire thing. David just worked on a few lines of code to get the menus to work properly,” claimed Santiago in an interview. “I was extremely thankful for his help and offered to change the name of the app to ‘Carly and Dave’s App.’ He somehow convinced me Dave and Carly’s App sounded better, which annoyed me, but it was whatever.”

Santiago says that she was too busy on release day to handle the launch and asked Bustleman to do it. According to Santiago, Bustleman “hijacked” her app (sureeee he did), changing the name to “Dave’s App” and listing himself as the lead programer and author.

“What annoys me most is that he doesn’t even credit me anywhere,” said Santiago.

Bustleman claims otherwise. “If you go to settings, then general, then info, then development, then you whisper ‘Dave Bustleman is the best programmer’ into your mic, a pop up box will appear crediting Carly,” Bustleman explained to the State-Run.

Many fans of the app have “daved” (meaning to post on “Dave’s App”) at Bustleman saying he’s “a genius” and “even better than Steve Jobs.”

Dave’s App is currently non-monetized and only available in Tulsa. However, Bustleman claims he plans to go national very soon and that he also plans on including ads in an upcoming patch.

“I’m so humbled by the overwhelming positive response to Dave’s App. This thing is like my child and I just couldn’t be happier,” Bustleman daved over the weekend.

At press time The State-Run has not been able to procure any concrete evidence that Bustleman isn’t the primary author of the app. This writer is, to be blunt, appalled that Santiago would every try to steal credit from the amazing, talented and handsome David Bustleman. I’m not just saying that because she’s a woman, how dare you insinuate that.

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