Lottie Jane hosts best Halloween event

3 floors of Lottie’s Horrors left students happily haunted and full of spooky memories. Lottie Jane and John Mabee Hall showcased a chilling spectacle comprising three floors of terrifying horror on Oct. 27 from 8 p.m. to midnight. This immersive experience drew a substantial number of TU students who were eager to venture through Lottie’s walking nightmare. Each floor was a carefully designed landscape of fear, brought to life by student actors in costumes smeared with fake blood. Impressively, some attendees rated the event an 8/10 on the scare scale, highlighting its effectiveness in heart-beating moments.
The success of the event was evident in the number of students who showed up to partake in the scare. However, the downside of this popularity became apparent in the long waiting times. As more students arrived, the waiting period grew longer, causing frustration and impatience among those anticipating their turn. Some attendees, unable to wait, opted to leave just moments before their group was called. The wait times were greatly influenced by the number of groups ahead of each, with wait times often exceeding 30 minutes. It is safe to say that waiting in the cold for an extended period was not enjoyable for anyone.
To preserve the integrity of the horrifying experience, event organizers prohibited attendees from recording videos or using their phones within the haunted dorm. Upon entry, participants were required to crawl through a narrow, dark tunnel where the front-most individual was the initial recipient to be scared first. Once through the tunnel, tour guides steered each group through a series of frightening rooms, each consisting of shocking terrors and jump-scarejump scare moments.
Opinions on the scariest floor varied among attendees. Some were petrified by the second floor, especially when led through the simulated horrors of a restroom. Meanwhile, others deemed the third floor the most frightening due to the tour guide’s clever use of leading attendees towards the student actors whothat were crawling menacingly towards the group.
The horror-themed floors of Lottie provided a chilling experience, but one unexpected incident left a lasting mark. A student exited Lottie with blood on their hands and a head injury. Quick to respond, emergency medical technicians arrived at the scene to assistprovide assistance. As of the latest update, there is no information available about the student’s condition, though there is hope that the injuries are not severe. This incident serves as a reminder that while enjoying such events is a prime, safety should always be a top priority.
Furthermore, the Oct. 27 horror event at Lottie and John’s three-story scare-fest left a significant impression on TU students. The success of the event was evident in the huge turnout, with many attendees giving it high marks for scariness. However, the event was not without its challenges, particularly the extended wait times, which tested the patience of those eager to experience the horrors within. While the event successfully delivered spine-tingling experiences, the unforeseen incident served as a reminder of the importance of safety. Despite this, it was an unforgettable night for those seeking a thrilling and chilling experience, creating memories that will be talked about among friends.

Post Author: Avril Comacho