Marvelous Mabee Week

The residence halls showed out as they hosted a slate of events for Mabee Week.

This year’s Mabee Week was a great success as all five residence halls came together to host phenomenal events. Students had an exhilarating time throughout the entire week.

Kicking off the week with a bang, Monday saw a full-fledged prank war between Lottie Jane and John Mabee. Each lobby went through a thorough transformation as both dorm halls performed inspired renovations. Lottie Jane turned the John Mabee lobby into a Barbie-esque fantasy with an array of pink balloons and bows. John Mabee decided to make Lottie’s lobby a “john,” as toilet paper was left strewn across the lights. In a hotly contested vote, the Residence Hall Association decided Lottie Jane had the better prank and will be rewarded with a food truck dinner.

Tuesday was dedicated to a campus-wide fashion show, as residents wore specific colors to represent their dorm hall. The campus shimmered with style as the vibrant colors of each hall were on display.

Wednesday demonstrated the power of teamwork as Hardesty Hall and LaFortune House combined to create a one-of-a-kind Glow in the Dark water gun fight. No soul was left dry as the free-for-all festivities splashed around Dietler Commons. The night was aglow with laughter and lights as participants navigated a cone course in pursuit of their foes. All passersby were immediately captivated by the lively affair.

Thursday’s function formulated fun from Fisher Suites as they hosted a carnival with a vast array of food truck options. Dietler Commons was transformed into a wondrous sight of cotton candy and field games, as students were able to kick back. No carnival is complete without a bouncy castle, and Fisher Suites brought one out that could rival the Taj Mahal. The carnival also featured mask making, so students could make a mask in preparation for Lottie Jane’s spring formal.

Friday, Lottie Jane rocked the dance floor as they hosted the spring formal. Residents donned their finest attire as they danced the night away under the decadent glow of the ONEOK club. Attendees were wined and dined by the immense charcuterie options and a free bar for those of age. The night was a feast for the fanatical as guests savored every moment and created memories to last a lifetime.

Lastly, the capstone event of Mabee Week featured the 60th Annual Toilet Bowl, showcasing the athletic capabilities of residents from all five halls and a team of alumni. The game saw the alumni team start quickly as they forced a turnover on the first play. The student team was not easily denied and heartily fought back. Yet, with age comes wisdom, and the alumni proved that as they ended the game winning by twenty points. The fans were out in full force as they scored a custom Toilet Bowl themed jersey and enjoyed BBQ from Dope Soul Catering.

As Mabee Week comes to a close, it will not soon be forgotten by the student body as a break in the spring semester to go out and have fun alongside Residence Life.

Post Author: Adam Porterie