McFarlin wet and wild, set to premiere as soon as you pay back your student loans. graphic by Conner Maggio

McFarlin is Wet with Anticipation

Beautifying campus one fountain at a time.

State Run Media has been granted an exclusive preview for TU’s upcoming fountain on top of the McFarlin Library. Students and teachers alike have been criticizing alleged the land of learning for its lack of elegance. Many have gone on the record stating that a fountain is truly the only way to define beauty and that the addition is extremely needed. “Sure, architecture is cool,” junior graphic designer Tammy Wallace commented, “but does it have a fountain?”

While most will not be able to see the fountain, measuring at an incredible three-feet tall, sophomore mechanical engineer Richard Tyral simply said, “It’s knowing that it’s there that makes the difference.” The fountain is said to resemble the Harvey Statue inside the library, only it will have a fountain spouting out of the top of its head. The fountain is dedicated to students’ hard work and represents unreachable goals that can only be found when climbing up the side of a library.

The head engineer of the operation, Maggie Mural, explained to State Run Media why the school would put a fountain on top of the library. “This is the University of Tulsa. We’re already at the top of our game, with an incredible sports team and an overflowing enrollment rate. Fountains are the only way to maintain that momentum. Plus, what were we going to use that money for anyway? Better cafeteria food?”

The fountain is said to cost the University of Tulsa $5 million. This would be an increase to the amount spent on the Hardesty fountain, which was a mere million. “Go big or go home,” Mural explained.

There is also talk of placing more fountains like this on top of various other buildings, such as the Lorton Performance Center and the Student Union. In theme with McFarlin’s fountain, these will also be unseeable unless one climbs to the top of the building. When asked why, Mural responded, “Why not?”

While many are extremely excited, some students have already raised concern that the piping of the fountains is not logistically possible. Mural was quick to defend the fountain. “The pipes will run through both of the study areas in the library. The flow of water might actually be relaxing to some. Besides, it’s not like anyone uses them anyway.”

Others are questioning the financial use of creating a fountain that almost no one can see. Mural states that people who keep sending these complaints are a bunch of “noodleheads” and to stop sending her emails, because she only uses Snapchat.

Plans for the fountain are still being written up, but it is said to break ground as soon as renovations for LaFortune occur.

Post Author: James Terrell